Anyone switich to all Signal Cable wired system?

Recently a friend of mine replaced all of his cables (power, interconnects, speaker, digital) from a combination of cables including at one time top of the line models from Synergistic, Audioquest, and VH Audio to an all Signal Cable system following Frank's advice. The results were astounding. His system improved in every way that I could report in audiophile jargon. I'm now contemplating doing the same. Anyone else experimented and found similar/or not results?
Is your friends system as nice as yours is ?

Any way that you could maybe borrow some of his cables to try in your system to see if the change is worth it before you spend any money ?
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Yeah, what Tvad said. I've had the speaker cables and the Magic power cord in the past. It's been a while, but for sure the power cord brought about a lack of refinement in the sonics. The speaker cables I don't remember well. But, there is a 30 day trial. As suggested, you can try replacing all the cables in your system and see if you like the end result. Burn them in. If you don't like what you hear, send them back with a lesson learned. And I must say, you have one helluva impressive system with a lot of dollars invested, and should be able to discern whether you like or don't like the Signal cables easily. Please post the results of your "All Signal Cables Project." Should be interesting.
Or contact Synergistic and trade up to their new Tesla line. Read the reviews, they are true.
One reason I'm interested in switching cables in my system is that I've recently reversed my speakers from one end of the room to the other. They now benefit from no interference from the HVAC system. The Salons loved having the higher cieling (almost a full 8 foot)instead of the truncated cieling above the HVAC. In fact the sound just went crazy. The Salons also apprecieated not having the front end componets and amplifiers between them. So now the speakers and amps (the amps are recessed in an alcove formed by bookshelves behind the speakers)are at one end of the room, the listening chairs in the center just behind the HVAC, and front end components are located to the right of the listening position away from the corners and the sound is really great! Sorry I've not updated my pictures.

As for my friends system mentioned above, it features the following: a Krell KSA-250 amp, Theta digital Gen 5 and David, a Gryphon preamp, and Legacy Focus 20/20 speakers. It is an older system, but it really sounds great and is very revealing.

The problem to overcome now is that I need one pair of 30 foot interconnects to run from the preamp to the low end pair of amps, a 9 foot pair to run from the preamp to the subs, a 21 foot pair from the subs to the high frequency pair of amps, and a 17 foot interconnect to connect the two subs.

The system is now patched together with a pair of 30 foot Musical Concepts interconnects from preamp to bass amps along with a 17 foot piece to connect the two subs. Then d to connect the subs, preamp, and high frequency amps I've pieced together my orginal Synergistic Res. Ref.
To wire my system I'd be spending another small fortune on SR Interconnects (about $4500. for the new Tesla 30 ft. pair equivalent to Res. Ref.) so I'd estimate around $10,000.)

This is why I'm so interested in finding high quality, inexpensive interconnects if such a thing exists. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm tired of thousands.

I've thought of just purchasing more Res ref pairs on Audiogon and just piecing the whole thing together knowing that each connection I make is going to affect the sound. What do you think?
I've been using the SignalCables in two of my systems for the past couple of years, so you could say they are time-proven (at least for me).

I'm not using many of their power cords though but I know I have at least one MagicPower cord in each system. You could go with all Silver Resolution or throw in a pair of their Analog Two interconnects somewhere in the chain to see if you like the resulting synergy. I do.

I generally like the Silver Resolution speaker cables, but have changed to Audio Metallurgy Gold Reference speaker cables in my main system. They sound very similar in balance to the SignalCable Silver Resolution, but are truly smooth as silk. These are definitely cost-effective cables as you have witnessed in your friend's system.
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I just replaced two Magic power cables with CRL power cables. I could not believe the difference. More bass, more detail, more focus, you name it, it improved. However, the CRL's are a LOT more expensive, even used.
I'm listening right now to some of Franks Silver Resolution cables in my phono system. Mixed feelings at the moment.
My reason for trying them is that I purchased some Nordost Frey's for my tonearm, brought them home then threw up in my mouth for spending so much money on a cable. I've been sick ever since ;-)
With that feeling of being screwed, I then pursued some less expensive alternatives and the Sonic's seemed like a bargain.
So far with about 15hrs on them, I'm not so sure they are that great. They are definately quiet but I wonder if they are rolling something off. Maybe more break in?
On the other hand the Freys are simply noisey and a little strident. No doubt detailed but just not right in my system. The Frey's have been burned in on a Vidar, but I don't really believe that this has a huge effect on the sound IMO. Burn in on a cable should NOT take a week of steady signal.
There seems to be a LOT of options in the affordable cable market and I'm cetain that some of these will compete with the best (due to the fact that there is no "best")
Along with the Sonic Cable line, I'd also look at DH labs and some of the cable available at Parts Connexion.
I'll let you know if there is any change.
I SHOULD mention that my wife likes them more than the Nordost!
Also, I have a pair of single ended silvers on my CD player with pretty good results. They may slightly edge out the XLR Cardas (entry level) that are also on the same player.
I have been using Signal Cable Silver Resolution RCA interconnects from my CD Player, and Silver Resolution XLR's from my preamp to amp, as well as Signal Cable Magic Power Cords on my amp and preamp with superior results!
Be patient with break-in, or you will never hear anywhere near their full potential.
They are edgy, bright, and unrefined until you get at least 100 hours on them.
The clarity, detail, and resolution is simply stunning at times, and the sound is very balanced, IMHO.
Daltonlanny, I find the cables NOT bright at all, on the contrary I find they seem a little muted on top. Running about 25-30hrs on them.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the sound I'm getting, I just hoped that they would have thumped everything else I've heard in my system. You understand, the Holy Grail of cables for cheap :-)
Honestly the differences I find in cable swapping is subtle at best and I don't get what all the fuss is about. I realise things are typically system dependent so my opinions are bound to be different than others.
In NO way have I ever found a cable upgrade as big a difference as a component upgrade...there I said it! I'm not denying any differences at all, it's just that they are subtle and not system altering.
Sorry, I'm off topic, my bad...
Just to put in my 2 cents, my feeling is that the Silver Resolution cables are extended and neutral. They don't sound rolled off (even slightly) in either of my two systems. Perhaps Alun is comparing them to truly bright sounding cables... In any case I wouldn't wish for any more high frequency extension or detail than I'm already getting with the SignalCables.
O.K. O.K, I'll be more patient with the burn in, but honestly right out of the gate, they were NOT bright or edgy. Maybe they were a pre-run in pair? I'll give Frank a shout to see.
As I suggested earlier, I am hoping to replace some Nordost Frey's with a cable that I think is priced fairly, seems well built and sounds great. Not too much to ask ;-)
I am using Signal Cable's Analog 2 (thrown in as a freebie when I bought a secondhand SB3) and must say I am impressed with its honest portrayal of music. It is neutral sounding and has no obvious flaws that I can find. In fact, it is better sounding than many of my more expensive boutique cables. They are well terminated with Frank's stock RCA connectors that feel solid and fit snugly. For those who don't want cables to be tone controls, the Analog 2 should be seriously considered before you spend $$$ on expensive, exotic cables. No frills, no nonsense! Just plain good!
I've always been happy with my Signal Cables. I used to use their Silver Resolution phono cable on my Scout until I bought a new phono stage and all of the sudden started getting RFI interference. Swapping that cable out for VPI's phono cable made with Discovery wire solved the problem. At first I felt like I lost some of the punch of the bass, but soon realized that for a very slight loss of bass punch I was getting beautiful midrange. Until 2 days ago I had been using Silver Resolution from my phono pre to my integrated. I switched to Discovery Signature's and have improved even further on that beautiful midrange.

I'd say that that to compare the two, the Signal Cables do the top and bottom really well, but the Discovery bests them in midrange and a bit of a more balanced presentation through all the frequencies. So far, I prefer the new Discovery's, but the Signal Cables are a terrific product and very high quality. Give Signal a try. They're always available used around here at good prices.

BTW, I put my Signal Silver Resolution interconnect on my CDP, and it easily bested the Cardas Crosslink I had previously been using.
Have any of you used or tried the Reality Cables in your system. I heard them once and was quite impressed.
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I have a complete cable set except for the speakers.
Most are the Analog 2 copper with bullet Plugs and between Lamm L2R and ML2.1 I have a 6.0m Silver Resolution for comparison. And a few from his Silver Power cords.
When there is something like the "Real Deal", then it is that.
Top recommendation.
Interesting comments regarding RF noise. I found the Nordost Frey to pickup much more interference and the Signals to be dead quiet. Grounding the Freys helped but the Signal Silvers are still quieter.
I believe this is why I've been feeling that they actually are a little attenuated on the top but on longer listening everything seems to be in place. Nothing is missing, just quieter.
I have ABd Signal cable and anticable to Transparent Ref Ic's. Transparent Ref won, no question, But they are as good as or better than ultra's. A cable Ten times the price. I have all signalcable silver ref power cables and love them. I have not compaired them to any others. For your System, I would recomend Transparent Audio Ref with Xl or better. Nice system!!! Good used cables on Audiogon!