Anyone successful in dealing with Tinnitus?

I have been experiencing ringing in my ears and think I may have it. Any recommendations?
Elizabeth is correct I agree. No one knows more than the person that deals with it daily , weekly , yearly and into decades. Having gone through a situation myself Uru975 I could not agree more with you. Luckily I now have a practitioner who listens and learns and is great about the fact all the years of medical school do not equate to every individual the same. Cheers!
I found reducing stress, eating right, exercising, all that old-fashioned stuff helped my case.
There was a terrific article in the New Yorker a few months back written by one of their writers (Jerome Groopman of the Beth Israel Hospital/Harvard Med)who happens to be a world famous AIDs researcher and has written many books on health care.

Here is the link:
Alcohol and caffeine as well as some pain meds can make it worse so managing (reducing) the use these substances can help ..... I have tinnitus (left ear) as well and have learned to manage it ....
If your taking any medications,check with your doctor and see if any of them could be causing it.Also,ask your pharmacist since they may keep up with the meds than doctors might.Years back they gave me something(I can't remember what)that caused it while I took it.