Anyone streaming Tidal via their Oppo UDP-203?

I am usually pretty good at configuring things like this but I am completely stumped with trying to get access to my Tidal subscription via my Oppo 203. The Tidal site says I should be able to do it and the Oppo site says to use the Media Controller App to find Tidal. I have the latest version of the Oppo App but Tidal is no where to be found. Anyone successfully configured this that can help?
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203,5 will not have Tidal App and Netflix build in. Only 105 has.
Thank you. Yes, after further research I see that. Oppo only references Tidal streaming for it's 10x products.
Hello 1extreme,
Using the Media Control App ...
Select Browser > Network Sharing
Whichever way you have access to Tidal should show up here ...
No can do.  I resisted replacing my 103 with a 2XX because of the lack of streaming.  When I did get my 203 I ended up getting a Blue Sound Node 2 and like that better than I did the 103 for streaming.  You control it with a tablet or your phone so you don't have to have your TV on and it has a lot more streaming options than the 103 did.
Actually,  my 105 didn't have tidal inbeded,  Oppo sold a ruko stick later on with tidal on there for $50.
After I sold my 105 I remembered about it and stuck it in the 205 to see if it would work. It didn't. 
Tidal was a firmware upgrade for the 103 and 105.  After the firmware upgrade you could stream Tidal, but the only way to control it was with the Media Controller App.  There was no interface on the Oppo itself.