Anyone streaming at 320kbps? If so...

...are you using an external DAC? Also, have any of you ever compared 320 to FLAC or better? How big of an improvement do you hear? Is streaming your reference source? I kinda use streaming to discover new music, then buy the CD's if it's something I really like. My inquiry is regarding getting the best bang for the buck in streaming quality without your ears noticing the difference.   

I use iDevices (iPad/iPhone) to stream. I do not have a PC. I originally bought a Sonos so I could access Deezer HiFi (FLAC) to be able to use with my iPad. I sold the Sonos because I can get TIDAL HiFi (FLAC) as they supports iDevices. Qobuz is supposed to be coming to the US this year and supports iDevices in a similar fashion. As of now, I am using a 3.5mm-to-RCA cable going direct into my stereo. I'm considering going back to Deezer and getting their Premium+ service, which is 320kbps. I realize TIDAL offers this service too, but my wife and I like the vast amount of radio stations Deezer has to offer. 

If 320 streaming is sufficient, what is the best budget DAC you recommend? Or, is there no sense in getting one unless your at least streaming CD quality(16/44.1)?  

i use 320kb spotify after auditioning tidal--tidal  sounds better, though the difference was not so huge as to trascend spotify's superior library, interface, etc. + lower price. in my home systems i'm streaming from my phone through a chromecast audio connected to a musical fidelity v-dac; i've also used a cambridge dacmagic plus to good effect. both are very inexpensive used and a significant upgrade;  even something like the audioquest dragonfly ($99) will improve matters.