anyone stream using livephish app or youtube into their main rig?

obviously you need a dac (check) but what hardware inbetween? something like aurender or what? highest fidelity reproduction gets bonus points obviously, just curious how to do it.

Huge Phishnerd here.  

Best option for LP app or youtube is to go USB from your laptop into your DAC, nothing else required.  That's how I do couch tour -- laptop sends video to a monitor I set up in front of the rig, and audio via USB into DAC and rest of system.  I use the Chrome browser.
Listening to last night in Mexico right now solid not great show but so freaking jealous of my friends who are there!
I would also say laptop into Dac via USB I have an Intona galvonic isolater between my laptop and dac and also use a Singxr USB converter to feed the dac via I2S but you will still get good sound with the laptop and dac