Anyone Still Using Zerodust

Haven’t heard anything since the original scare, but I stopped using it. I think I never had a problem because I always swipe with LP#9 between sides, as per Brooks Berdan’s advice. One recent video said Wally discovered some type of oil on the ZD. I regularly cleaned mine with dishwashing liquid, which could have removed any residue. 


We are actively working with Mr. Ishibashi of Onzow to investigate these questions more deeply. Early experiments show very fresh units of Zerodust do not appear to leave any paraffin oil after application. 

It is hardly the only way to clean a cartridge, therefore, until matters are cleared up to a sufficient degree, I would not use something that can be the cause of so much problems. 

It is not just the deposits I would worry about.  I would worry about the application of force pulling down on the cantilever when one is lifting the stylus out of the cleaning pad.  This direction of force is unnatural and it may damage the cartridge.  I know of two people who pulled the cantilever out of very delicate MC cartridges using this kind of cleaner.  Perhaps they raised the arm too fast, thereby applying excessive force, but, in any case, I would not risk damaging a cartridge this way.

I have used Zero Dust for years and never had a problem.  I continue to use it with no adverse problems.

As a Soundsmith owner, (2 actually), Peter L came out warning of the use of Onzow, which I was using, but does highly recommend the much cheaper BluTack solution. Thus, I know have BluTack stuck to my Onzow case, and that is what I now use.

I stopped using ZeroDust a while ago. I use the brush that was included with my Hana cartridge and go gently to remove the dust from the stylus. I use MoFi LP#9 after playing a dozen or so records.