Anyone still using CD mats?

I'd like to hear from those who use a mat on a drawer loading CD. After discovering the "clear" improvements using the Ultrabit Platinum-after never having used such CD treatments previously- I thought I should try a mat with my Lexicon RT-20. The question is-which one?
I hope this is appropriate but I am a dealer for and recommend the Millenium carbon fiber
cd mat. Try it for a week and if you don't, return it for a full refund. Search the discussion forums here and you'll find comments about it.
I use the German mat , I think it is the Millennium, that is made of carbon fiber and runs about $110. I think it is a definite improvement. My wife could hear it and she is not an audiophile. I use to use a metal mat in the early days but it is too thick for modern players. Another trick we use to use was to put 2 CDs in the drawer. The modern ones also absorb stray light according to their makers. I still have the green marker sold to do this in the old days. I think I got mine from Music Direct. I believe that they have a return policy so you could try with little risk. The mat is very thin so it should work.
Rloggie, In my opinion, since you disclosed you are a dealer, AND offered a complete refund after an in home demo, you are completely within the realm of what is appropriate. More should follow your example.
I had not seen Rloggie's post when I wrote mine, I would take him up on it, my friends could also hear a difference on one of their systems.
Psacanli...My website is Click on Millenium Mats at the top then use the paypal button if you like. Free shipping is included also.
Thanks for info so far & appreciate info from dealer Rloggie as well. Hoping to hear more(and hoping to spend less as well)from others listeners find comparable.
I gave up on cd mats years ago, when they tore up the transports on my McCormack and EAD CDP's. I do use a Walker Talisman de-magnetizer though, and find it helps out quite nicely, w/o putting any extra strain on the transport.

Here is an older Audiogon forum discussion about CD Mats that I found:
i have 2 mats-- the carbon fiber mat and the top=of-the line marigo gold mat.

there are times when i prefer one mat over the other, or no mat, depending upon the other components in the system.
Consider Herbie's Black Holes:

An inexpensive CD mat that can be left permanantly attached to the CD if you prefer. They produce a noticeable improvement over a naked CD.

Check the link, above, and the reviews.