Anyone still using a Rives Parc

I have an all tube system with Wilson Witt II's (yes I compared them with all of the Sophia's and up to WP6 and they sound just as good) WP 7's Sasha's on up sound better, but cost much more. The system is in a room 18x12x8. I took out the bed and everything but one dresser. The sound is a little boomy, so I installed 2'' x 12'' foam tiles (72 altogether) and it has helped some. I found a Rives Parc for 500.00 (it'll be here Thurs) so I thought, at that price I really can't go wrong and can always flip it for more money if things don't work out. Is there anything else like test records or sound meters or charts that I may need that would be helpful? Thanks in advance.

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Polk, you can also try out the Granite Audio Ultimate Low Bass Test CD from Music Direct. A very useful tool in finding room resonances (rattles) and room nodes in and outside of the room. I have never used a Parc, but in your case, I would get the cd first and take care of room rattles before the Parc. While the disk is playing, have a pack of blue tack handy. You can also try Radio Shack Realistic Sound Level Meter if you want to compare sound levels with the Parc.