Anyone Still Using...?

Hi All

I'm still seaching for any other user of a Nagatron HA-9000 dc phono pre-amp. This was a late 70's device, reviewed by Julian Hirsch in Stereo Review. I have a copy of the review, as well as the equipment. Mine has the serial number 1108 so one would guess there must be more out there. It is still in daily use, I have other step-up devices but always prefer the Nagatron. This obsessive question has been posted before on other fora without response.


Well I am still using an Amber series 70 amp with excellent results. I have three other amps in storage and I have to say this little gem still moves me. It is built very well and also can be strapped for mono with a click of a switch in the rear mmmmmmm anyone have a series 70 for sale?
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Hi Elizabeth

Interesting thought, about the numbers. Now where are the others. And you cannot open the darn thing without damage to take a peek inside. Googled many times but zilch turns up. Only Nagatron carts which are 'fondly remembered'.

Hello -
Have been using an Amber Series 70 bought at Goodwill since 2004. Input is an Adcom pre GTP400 also from Goodwill plus normal peripherals. Output via Monster is into Snell E-IVs (Audiogon)at end of 25 ft LR w/carpeting and normal furnishings.
Had been using NAD pre and power envelope amp and just fell into the Amber, saying at the Goodwill price how could I not try it? Amber just pushed NAD out the door with an added shove from the Adcom pre. which is clear and sweet.
Mutual congratulations = We've each got a jewel!
All best.