Anyone still use iPod for music storage anymore?

I'm wondering what is a good way to play my music that is on cds. I seldom use them anymore in the main tv room, bedroom, or car.

I find I enjoy listening to music in a small room with my vinyl/fm system. I thought it might be enjoyable to put them on an iPod. (Or should I put them on a smart phone, computer in another room, or music server?)

The 'iPod' seemed novel to me in the past, but is it still a contemporary and convenient solution these days? What is the solution for the future that is easy with a small budget and w/o a lot of associated gear.

I don't think I'm much interested in a cdp at this stage, because it's just doesn't bring the same pleasure as spinning vinyl, so I'm looking for a convenient solution so I'll listen to all my music on cds.
I couldn't find 2TB iPod yet :-). for get away music my iPhone5 with lossless player serves its purpose.
I use an ipod touch feeding a NuForce icon ido in the bedroom. Mostly for headphone listening. As the ido offers a variable analog output, I also use this feeding an amp and speakers on occasion.
Files are either Apple lossless or AIFF. I don't see a need to bring anything larger into the equation. Although I keep thinking about using an ipod with a 160gb capacity to widen the library.
Very satisfying sound IMO.
Thank you Timrhu for the useful info. How many cds at the highest resolution can you fit on your iPod touch? Or would you jump right up to a 160g classic?

Czarivey, How many cds will store on an iPhone with the highest resolution. I don't know how big the hd in it is, and I'm ready to make the purchase in the next month.
I have a second system in a small beach house. I use a classic ipod 160 with music in apple lossless. The key IMO is to get an ipod doc like the Pure i20 which has its own dac and bypasses the dac in the ipod. Or you could use the digital output from the i20 and use a better dac. either way this is a great and inexpensive way to listen to your CD collection and you don't have to get up to put in a new CD. It also doesn't take up much room if that is an issue.

iPod classic loaded with Apple lossless files, set in an Arcam docking station with a Micromega MyDAC is a surprisingly good source. I eshewed iPODs and the like for years as they sounded so digital and lifeless. They've come around.
My ipod touch is the 32g version. I have 511 songs stored on it in AIFF or Apple lossless format and that takes up 16.5gb. I only use it in the bedroom or for travel with a limited amount of music.
If you plan to load an entire library, then this won't do it for you. I have a Mac Mini with an external hd for the cd library. And even there I only ripped about half of my cds to it. I saw no sense in ripping music I rarely listen to.
If memory serves, a cd ripped in AIFF takes up about .5gb.
My iphone has no music on it but I do use it to control my Mac Mini. Love the fact that I can disconnect the keyboard, display and mouse and still have full control over the mini.
What model iPod do you recommend? What USB cable do you suggest for connecting the iPod to the DAC? I assume you use iTunes to manage the albums, correct? Memory?

It is my understanding that while the iPod can be connected to a computer through USB, that USB connection is not meant to stream audio. Hence you cannot connect the iPod to a USB DAC, and that's why there are docking stations for iPod. Would love to be corrected as being wrong, though!
I am using an ipod classic 120gb,at the time I bought it. Apple had discontinued the 160gb version,later on they brought it back in stock.Let me tell you, I got at home the following products,Olive 04hd,Olive 06hd,Bryston BDP-1/BDA-1 and Sonos Zone players.
All these give me one problem or another.By far the easiest solution is the Ipod with Wadia dock into my dac.
For sound quality the Olive beats the Wadia/ipod combo but not in simplicity and functionality.
I hope it helps you make a decision
I have the Wadia 170i and the Pure i20 and can't here a difference and the Pure i20 in under $100.00. There is also a new Teac doc out similar to the i20 but it looks a lot nicer. It's similar in looks to the Wadia but is only $150.00!specifications

Let us know what you end up with.