Anyone still running the Qol bsg technologies signal completion stage in their system?

I just acquired the qol bsg and have it running in my system. I got it cheap and I think it adds a lot of positive results in the overall scheme of things.


Any tips for tweaking the unit out with power cables, fuse, stands?


I was an early adopter and it is still in my system even though everything around it has been replaced. It does add more detail to the presentation and the only change I made to it was to replace the fuse. If you got it with the remote it it easy to hear what it is or isn't doing by simply engaging it or turning it off.

It was a Synergistic Research orange and unfortunately I got impatient as I simultaneously replaced the fuses in my preamp and amps so I cannot comment on the Qol but overall there was an improvement in sound in my system. Synergistic Research has a 30 day trial period so you have nothing to lose by putting one in.