Anyone still playing on Cassette decks?

To make my last week short story:
My anesthesia professor gave me some conferences on tapes about 80, I was so curious that I went online right away searching for a decent deck at a good price, but locally I found a guy selling a Yamaha KX-390, he was asking $40, I offered $25 he took it!
I came home all the types were ok, but I start wondering how music tapes will sound trough my harbeth/luxman combo, I remembered that but mistake I ordered a cowboy Junkies album
on amazon, i put it on, an i have been amaze how satisfying tapes could be still, on times where people are looking for HD tracks...
Wondering if any of you will excellent TT and DACs comp based systems, still feel joy playing tapes?

Now i am trying to look for a better deck and studio recorded cassettes in good condition, i want to give a try to the format again, I realized that I enjoying changing formats and sources on my set up.

A good cassette deck advice will be highly appreciated.

Regards to you all.
I just got rid of my Nak BX125 so will have to find something else to play my 400 or so cassettes and also am too lazy to xfer them to digital...back in the day, mid 80's, it was between the Nak and an AIWA F990 with the horizontal type keyboard - think that was the AMTS unit?....super cool looking but just seemed like too much technology going on there so opted for the perceived more reliable Nak....

I think when I'm ready for another cassette I'm going to consider perhaps a later Nak like the Cassette Deck 2, an older H/K unit or else an NAD unit...

Anyone else have any suggestions on a really good cassette deck that will be reliable and won't break the bank (not more than $200, since I just sold my Nak BX125 for only $50? Thanks
I still have my Onkyo Integra TA-2090. Works great, sounds wonderful. I have a number of radio shows I would like to transfer to digital at some point.
French_fries the guy you talking about that fixes Teac reel to reels and high end tape decks is Sam Palermo
He works at
Skywave Tape Deck Repair- Chicago area
(630)616-0932 Office/ 708-334-2260 Cell,

The other guy i recommend for fixing highend tape decks and Reel to Reel players is Russ Bachman.
This guy is really good.
He fixed my Teac Z6000 Tape deck.

Just Google Russ Bachman tape deck, or Sam Palermo tape deck to see all the great reviews they got on fixing equipment.
I now have a H/K TD392 and an AIWA ADF-660 both 3 head cassette decks, both picked up for a song and dance and also recently inherited about 500 cassettes too, mostly recorded, not pre-recorded cassettes. Now to find some nice storage racks for them.
Enjoying Exit...Stage Left while writing this morning on a Nakamichi BX300. Sounds killer. Replaced all the rubber on this fine deck and it sings. Paid a mere $200 for it in mint condition.

Have a Nak Dragon currently being serviced at Willy Hermann's. Along with vinyl, this is analog heaven and cassettes were quite good provided the playback gear is up to extracting the full frequency response on the tape. Nakamichi's 3 head decks certainly do so, plus their output sections are higher current and have larger power supplies than many other competing designs. Plus, the Dolby sections are implemented correctly.

It is really positively remarakable how far this format developed and progressed.