Anyone spend more on their system than their car?

I just signed the papers for a used Pontiac Vibe, will cost me $12,600 + tax and (almost dead)trade-in. This is a few $K less than I spent on my main system, and one of the reasons I didn't spend more is to be able to afford a new preamp sometime this spring. I'm not quite sure what else I would have bought. I do lust after the Hemi Magnums, but was determined to buy something socially responsible - I dunno, maybe if I hadn't blown so much on audio, I'd have gotten a Prius. Is anyone else not driving the car of their dreams to afford audio? Or skimped on other things that most people wouldn't to afford their system?
I paid about 12,000 for my 2 ch. system,not including software and tubes,,about the same on my truck,,which needs a new set of tires,,,,which ill get after i buy one more pr of ICs,,,,,,,,,,
It's pretty damn close to even.


Prolly best not to think about it.
About as much if not more. I'd rather not think about it...
I've spent much more on my system than my car.

A car can only take you so far.....
I've also spent a lot more on my system than my car... but you're comparing a 20+ year hobby to a single purchase. If you add all the cars I've had together, you give me a new spending target.

Audio systems can be very expensive, as we all know. Mine cost more than my 4x4 pickup truck and my Lexus combined. But, I also have a Frieghtliner tractor and trailor and it costs less then that.
Doesn't bother me to think about it at all. For what I get from listening to music, the fun of playing around with the system, and the audio friends I have met, I have no regrets about the cost.
Just a thought I use when talking to my friends. How many hours a day do you listen to music, how many hours to drive? Which gives you more pleaure?

I have a lot of friends with 2000 dollar stereos that listen to music several hours a day, drive about an hour but have a 70,000 dollar car. It is a question of return on your money.

Interesting post

Raises hand. :-)
I'm thinking of putting a BMW medallion on my stereo.
I just spent 8000.00 to repaint my 1970 BMW and 4500.00 the year before to convert to fuel injection so the old car investment has been pretty heavy the last couple of years. The audio system got a new/used PHI 110 amplifier this year and a Thor power system last year so it is running pretty close in terms of dollars. Overall, I would say over the last ten years I have spent way more on audio than my cars. The great thing with audio is I can enjoy it every day for 2 to 4 hours and usually spend less than 1 hour driving back and forth to work. I have more fun spending the money on audio stuff.
just barely, but then again i drive a 2001 vette.

i tell my wife, i couldn't care less about the car (more or less true), but the stereo, now that's my prize.

Slightly less on the system, though at retail it would nearly double the price I paid for my car.
I bought both my car and system used. My car is worth about half of the $18K I paid for it three years ago and will be down to a few thousand in another three years. My system is still worth close to the $30K or so that I paid for it and maybe more if I find the right buyer.

Cars are a terrible investment, stereo equipment retains some value and is a better place to put your money.
$0 on my car stereo (Besides software).
In the past 25 years, I have never owned a car that was worth as much as my system. My Current system cost more than both of my cars. Hey - my brother has a Jaguar and a BMW. I have a Saab and a Ford and a great stereo. Just a matter of priorities.
Yes, but that isn't saying much. You'd know if you saw my car. Now if you're talking motorcycles, well then, the bike'd win.

Forget about what's in my system, I may have enough spare equipment, cables and things that are not even in my system that are just laying around that could be equal to a pretty good used car. I spent over $1K in the past two weeks alone on some additional gear just for the fun of it, geez and I am still bidding on a few new toys! Thank god my wife does not look at Audiogon and I was home in time to hide the boxes before she saw them. I am having her car detailed without her knowing it. What a great guy I am for that right? I am also selling a bunch of stuff so all of you with some extra cash on hand, start buying my gear! It won't last long at these low, low prices!

Happy Listening, er, driving, er, buying my gear!

The question should be "How many people have spent more on their audio rig than their house?"


Uhh, I have more $$$$ in my rig than all three of my used cars !!!!
Still looking at more stuff like Bigkidz above ^ ^ ^
Live in Manhattan. System $25,000, Car $0.00 (Used to keep a car but what for? Rent one when I need one)
Nice to see everyone here got their priorities right....

Trying to be environmentally conscious, I actually don't have a car right now. Actually getting around by public transport is somewhat freeing and I never spent as much on Audio and Music before :). Otherwise I have more money invested in Hifi over the past 15 years than in cars over the past 15 years.

Of course, being environmentally conscious has it limits: I do run a tube amp and a class A power amps that waste about 95% of energy, but then something has to give for music....

More than my street cars?

More than my race cars?
It's hard to beat an equation designed to humble even the rich economically.
I spent 400.00 for my mercury tracer 1989. Im an independeant contracter and deiliver the morning newspaper here in las vegas nv. Ive grossed 84,000 in 2 years. I spent 14,000.00 on my system. 400.00 on my car. Get the picture. Ha And im waiting for a conformation email and spening 2800.00 more....
Prpixel, yes, I have and I find it ridiculously enjoyable. Purchased my house for a grand total of $25,000 many moons ago and have around $40,000 in audio equipment. Add in both my cars (1990 BMW 325ix and 1970 MGB-GT), total investment including purchase price and upgrades is aprox. $8,000. Thus I have more invested in my system than both my house and cars! Can anyone beat that! Gotta love it!
A set of Cardas Caps cost me more than my entire drawer of underwear. I love them caps!
Wait...I'm supposed to have money left over for a car after my system?!?

I guess it would be handy to have a car in NY, at least for picking gear up!
Thanks, all. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone.
Maybe it would be good to give up the car AND the house. Imagine the equipment you could afford then, and how it would sound without any annoying room interaction! Just a couple tarps to keep it dry, and an electrical hookup.
My wife looked at me sideways a couple times as I read some of these posts while laughing out loud. Although I don't have a megabuck system, it did cost more than the 96 Jetta I bought for myself last spring. I don't drive the Jetta as often as I listen to the stereo so I guess it's balanced.
Funny this thread pops up. I am thinking of getting a supercharger for my RX8, at a cost of about $5000 installed. Of course it would be fun, and is just what the car needs (it handles like a dream, but needs a little more off the line torque)

But, that $5k would get me closer to a new really nice turntable as an upgrade to my WTT classic and arm.

Come to think of it, both are pretty frivolous, but we are guys after all!!!

my system cost twice, compare to the car :) I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and a Volkswagen 1970 camper.
About the same if you just add up the retail prices, but I got the system at a deeper discount to retail than I did the car. I'm much more likely to "downsize" the car than the system at this point, though.
No way
my system cost way more than my car (is worth). i drive an escort, that is how i can afford this sport. i would like to move up to an 05 or 06 mustang here in about 4 years.
I thought the whole idea was to put a McClaren, 1-2-2, Bugatti, etc., race car in your living room.

No one will loan me their car. Oh, sure, they say they will, then they add, “you’ll have to pay for any damages”.

With only 3/0 doors, most cars won’t fit unless a chain saw or cutting torch or complete disassembly and reassembly was involved, so I put what a very nice car would cost. As a reminder, I added a rearview mirror, and squeeze horn so I can do the ‘Haarpo’ bit instead of talking while its playing.

John Mc said it ….
The car only takes you so far, the system can take you much farther. More often, for less money in fuel costs.

And they say quitting smoking is the hardest thing in the world. Just when you thought you were out…. You pulled yourself back in putting yet more frog skins into your audio arrangement!

@blindjim thank for resurrecting this old thread! Years ago there was an angry letter to Stereophile saying that folks who spend more on their stereo than their car are nuts. Since then I always introduce myself as a nut with a CD player more expensive than my car...  Beware of nuts!!! ;-)
Now I know where the original Q came from! :-)
Not a good conversation starter though, folks Do think that u r crazy! ;-(  that is the reason I keep gravitating to this forum, to remind myself that I am not alone in the Universe... 
Yep, easily. Honda Accord. Nicer car would probably help more with the ladies, but I get by.
Might help with the women but won't with a lady . 
I am much more likely to down size my car than my system. 2015 dodge challenger w/shaker package. In fact that would leave more funds for gear, I think I'll trade it today!