Anyone seen their favorite High End store close?

I have lived in Nashville, TN for most of the last 30 years,
I discovered Nicholson's HiFi in the early 70's. My system is half pro gear and half high end audio. most of the high end gear came from Nicholsons and we don't have another store anything like that in town. I guess I will have to buy my high end stuff from you guys, and thats OK, but I will miss sitting in a demo room for 2 or 3 hours with Lee (sales manager) auditioning various CD players or tables. Any thoughts ?
How funny; I was just thinking about this. I have noticed this here in the San Jose, CA area too. Most stores have consolidated multiple locations or changed their focus to home theater. A couple have closed altogether. One store has remained focused on analog and tube electronics, and used vinyl at high prices. He's doing ok I think. I rarely go there. The one store where I felt really comfortable "hanging out" and listening to equipment, and where I made most of my purchases is now a custom installer closed to the public.

The last piece of electronics I purchased - a Meridian G61 processor - I had to order. There was no store demo to audition.
Audition in Homewood, Al. was a great store.
The closing of Nicholsons is a loss for Nashville. When I lived there I was a consistant customer and even kept in touch with Lee when I moved to North Dakota. I will miss seeing him on my visits to Nashville.
Without the new products for the home theater revolution, many, MANY more high-end stores would have closed by now.
Hi, ALTHOUGH they were NOT HI END stores,
I DO miss the Pacific Stereo, Highland Superstore,
Fretter, Silo, Music Craft`s here in the Chicago
South suburbs! ALL we have now is
The Little Guys, and Music In Motion,
AND the salesmen are NOT nice,
UNLESS you`re spending $4000+ on a system!
Salon 1 Audio in Wisconsin Rapids. Lots of hi end products and great people to to have fun talking with. Even my wife enjoyed visiting the place. They would let trusted customers take a component home to audition. Really miss them.
the new younger generation is not interested in high end gear...the older that love it, losing their hearing, losing their paychecks, or just losing interst because of the music , i continue to enjoy, but our high end stores have gone 100,000.00 two channel, or home theatre. then the others opening, want you to give them your money to order something that don't stock and you can't hear. it's dying fast. being that i like hearing different equipment over the years, i have gone to this site. signs of the times...dwhitt
You nailed it. the company that bought Nicholsons is doing complete home automation and will be by appointment only.
"San Jose, CA area too. Most stores have consolidated multiple locations or One store has remained focused on analog and tube electronics, and used vinyl at high prices. He's doing ok I think. I rarely go there."

yeah, I know this store.
Brian is a generally nice guy. many of his long time clients will plunk down way big bucks for the latest - greatest in a numbers that will be uncomprehensible to most of americas stores.
His market is not typical!
Dapom: That's a real shame. It looks like Atlanta is the closest place to listen to high-end equipment. There sure isn't anything in Knoxville, Tenn.
I agree with the above responses regarding Nicholsons. I too live in Nashville and shopped at Nicholsons for 25 years. I already miss the place and the people. We also should form a Audio Club for the folks of Nashville so count me in.
Golden Gramophone in Akron, Ohio. Fortunately, we have a great guy in Shaker Heights, Ohio who is totally devoted to two channel--all price points. Don Better is his name. He works out of his home and is totally accesible. I bought a Rega P-5 from him and he drove down to set it up. Good old customer service. It was refreshing.
Not yet and I hope not but the one I despise seems to be maintaining itself afloat thanks to their importer-distributor role
I have yet to make it to Don Better, but he has a impressive list of gear, John next get together will be in a few weeks if you are free, email me.
I was visiting in Palo Alto a few weeks ago and we took a drive down to San Jose specifically to visit The Analog Room. Everyone there made us feel like old friends stopping in for some good conversation, music and food. Perhaps more shops would stay open if they took a page from their book.