Anyone seen Evening w Rod Stewart I would like kn

I would like to take my son to see Rod this weekend , He is a big fan of classic rock and would love to hear him do his rock classics . My concern is that this current tour may not include the rock and roll stuff just the new Standards etc. I can not subject him to another Greendale( Neil Youngs tour where they just played 3 classic rock tunes) I would love to hear from anyone who has seen the current tour thanks!
it is a great set---split into two parts first 90 min or so is the old great stuff---he is also playing some older songs he has not played in several tours--he breaks 10 min or so--set change---then plays 40 min or so of the standards--my wife has seen rod 24 times over the last 30 years--(every usa tour)--she said this was a good one--remember rod will give that extra effort for a show--i have seen neil a couple of times and he was way too laid back--rod is the classic rock star showman