Anyone see this Marantz SA11S2 vs KI Pearl review?

He claims just replacing the SA11S2 fuses (albeit $300 worth of "audiophile" fuses) turns the CDP to a different machine. Anyone have this experience?
interesting article. I bet it does.
I had the fuses replaced on my SA11s1 , it made a small but worth while improvement .
The KI Pearl sounded about the same to me , but no XLR outs .
Have A great day .
Tmsorosk, did you use the same fuses as in the review?
The cheap fuses that come with any product are the weak link. Its one of those 'why didn't I see that before?' moments. Consider all the upgrades and mods before and after that fuse. Why stop there? Its a quick and easy fix.
I turned a mid-fi integrated into something a heck of a lot better by replacing 2 fuses.
Hello Dracule1 . The fuses I used were the Hifi Tuning , ( gold ) . This was recommended by the retailer . I was happy to stay away from silver , I have had goofy sonic problems with silver interconnects .
The reviewers claims of turning the player into a different machine , should be taken with a bit of caution . Many friends have also tried the fuses with small or no improvement .
They were worth the investment to me , but just . I have since replaced fuses in all other components , where possible .
Happy listening .
Thanks Tmsorosk. I believe fuses can make a small but worth while improvement. But I didn't believe they can turn your CDP to a different machine like the reviewer claimed.
I have repalced fuses in all my equipment except the cd player and they have been very noticible to my ears. There are six fuses in the sa11 player I believe so that could be quite a bit of a difference