Anyone see the Runco cl-410? Is it any good?

Anyone see the Runco 410? How does it compare to other projectors at its price point?
Yes, the 410 is very good at its price point. In fact, I'd say you'd have to spend almost twice the $3500 price tag to beat it. The picture is very bright, sharp and clear. It has outstanding contrast and picture depth. With the black level and colors being spot on as well. After seeing it, to be honest, I couldn't imagine paying any more for a projector.

I hope that helps.
Better is to be had now for less...It's descent
What might be a better bang for the buck?
The only projector I've seen which may give you more bang for the buck is the Optoma H31. It runs around $1400. And is amazing at that price. The Runco is clearly better. A brighter, more vibrant picture. But that's not a put down on the H31. It has S-Video, HDMI, DVI and Component connections. If I couldn't afford the 410, I'd buy the H31 in a second and not think twice about it. In fact, I'd be tempted to buy the H31 anyway, and put the savings in my other components. Another plus with the Optoma is it's small and can be moved easily. Where the Runco would have to be mounted and stationary. Also, the bulb lasts 3,000 hours on the Optoma, the Runco last 2,000.

Quick question: Are you going to mainly be watching DVDs or Hi-Def television?
I will watch more movies with it and sporting events and the occasional law and order repeat on evening tv. I'm not a videophile, but I don't want to critically be pissed off when watching digital cable. 60% movies, 40% tv. If I had to tilt higher in any direction it would be more dvd watching.

My room has excellent light control.
With the movie to t.v. ratio, and lighting control you have, I'd really give the Optoma a look. It's less than 1/2 the price, giving you 85% or so of the performance. If lighting was an issue, then I'd recommend the Runco. It would deal with outside light, doors being open, etc., much better. I've never seen anyone as surprised, as when they see the Optoma then find out it doesn't cost $3000 or more. I'm not a dealer or anything, but I have spent a lot of times in seeing\hearing as much equipment as I can.
thanks for your response...i will give the optoma a look.