Anyone see an issue with the oppo 83se & old avr?

I currently own a nakamichi av-10 avr and am planning to get the oppo 83se. I can run the analog inputs into the avr with no problems, right? I will eventually replace the avr with a newer model. Any opinions or are there unforeseen issues? Thanks.

Joe in Mobile
For stereo analog or digital coax, just fine.

If the Nak has direct analog multi-channel inputs that is the preferred way for the audio from the Oppo BDP-83SE to be delivered. It was the analog side of the Oppo that was beefed up, and it's reportedly better than the HDMI digital connection. A larger tangle of cables, yes, but the highest quality audio route nonetheless. The Oppo can easily be configured for 5.1 channel delivery. Good luck.
Plato- the sound quality of the Oppo HDMI output is a function of the prepro / AVR that it is connected to. Since that is an unknown in Joe's future, you can not say the Oppo analog outs will yield better sound.

Would love to hear the Oppo HDMI output connected to Kal's Meridian system. Terrific sound I'm sure.