Anyone's DIY Bested Brand-Name High End Speaker or Power Cables?

Has anyone here successfully bested high end name brand speaker or power cables with a DIY?  Very intrigued...
@tomask6 - Take a look at these...

Personally I have compared them to TOTL Cardas (IC’s and Speaker) cables and TOTL Neotech power cables. I have also compared the IC’s to Kimber Kable silver XLR cables and the Helix IC’s provide better clarity, dynamics and image

Another person that has built them sold off their previous preference - Nordost cables.

They may appear a little complicated to build, but after making one pair, subsequent cables become much easier.

Also take a read of this page - some questions I get asked all the time

To my knowledge, they are currently used in solid state and tube systems ranging from a $350 mini system to systems exceeding $70,000.

The designs includes both Single ended and XLR Balanced IC’s, single or bi-wired Speaker cables

Although I highly recommend the wire on the web site others have reported great results using Duelund wire.

Please note - these cables take a while (150+ hours) to burn-in before they sound their best. They do go throught a rough period between 24-60 hours where their sound quality degrades - less focus and a little distorted. But after that the clarity, dunamics and image gets much better

Got any questions? - just ask

Regards - Steve