Anyone running Wadia 581se through tube pre?

I am interested in hearing from those of you who have run, or still do run, their Wadia's through tube preamps. Please elaborate your experiences with this cd player with and without tube preamps. Thanks, Jim
Years ago I had a Wadia 850. Running direct. When I added a BAT VK50SE, more dynamics, bigger,wider, deeper stage, better extension.

The preamp cost more than the Wadia. So yes it was better. And yes I bought the BAT preamp. The BAT preamp has since stayed now for 9-10 yrs (upgraded along the way to a 51se) Wadia long ago sold.

However if you are just running a cd only system, the Wadia is pretty darn good and you can get great sound less a preamp, less one more set of cables.

In the end, my opinion to you is a good preamp will help improve the sound. But so will other upgrades...