Anyone running Cary 306/200 CDP directly to Amps?

I'm considering sending my 306/200 to Cary Audio to have the volume control installed. Anyone running the 306/200 directly to amps? How does this configuration compare with running the 306/200 with a decent hi-end preamp? Thanks
I was. Have never tried pre-amp, though. One caution, and the reason why I sold it, was that when turning the volume all the way up - when utilizing my amp's volume control - there was a slight buzz. Cheater plug didn't cure it. Maybe amp's fault or combination issue, maybe other reasons. Anyway, my current CDP doesn't have it at all, so I assume it was the implementation or execution issue of the remote volume. As to the sound, yes, going direct is the way to go, in my opinion, if you have only one source.
I don't run a Cary 306, but I do have a Cal Audio CL-15 which has the variable output like the Cary. I have found that I prefer running a tubed pre-amp. The pre-amp takes out some of the harshness and makes it more pleasurable to listen. (Cal Audio CL-15 - Cary SLP-50B - McCormack DNA .5) You may want to consider this option, I have found that many people prefer this type of set-up.
Thanks for the informative responses. One thing I'm concerned about is the high voltage balanced output of the 306/200. I think the output is something like 6 volts, although I'm not sure. Will this harm my amps?
It may, I'm not too sure. I would be best to consult your owner's manual or call the manufacturer to find out.

Just so that I understand since I'm thinking about sending my 306/200 to Cary for this upgrade: It seems when you turned the volume up all the way on your 306/200, you heard a buzzing? Is that correct? So you assume there was some implementation issues concerning the volume control in the player? Thanks -- Fred