Anyone running a Rel subwoofer to Krell FPB???

I just bought a Rel Stadium III sub and while I'm waiting for it's arrival, I ran across a couple of threads in the Forum that got me a bit worried.

Some Rel owners seems to be having problems with hums and noises when connecting their sub to a "balanced" amp such as
Pass Labs. They claim the speakers posts of a "balanced" amp has a "floating ground" or is not grounded but they also
claim they were able to correct the problem by finding an alternative ground such as the chassis of the amp.

Being that I am an owner of a Krell FPB-300cx a "balanced"
amp, I am deeply concerned that I may come across this same
problem. So, all you Krell FPB owners out there with Rel subs please give me a response to this issue. As always, your time and input is greatly appreciated.
I had heard that the problem exists with all Krell amps. While it might with the FPB, it sure doesn't with KSAs and KBAs--all Krell balanced amps. I know, I tried and never had any trouble hooking it up the usual way described in the REL manual. On the other hand, you can have hum problems. I have the problem now with my Audio Research VT-100 MkII.

Give it a try. It may sound nasty but it won't hurt your equipment.

I had humming problem at the begining connecting the Rel Stadium III with 400cx via "Balanced" configuration. I then connected the Rel via single channel setup and problem went away. However - later changed back to "Balanced" setup and humming went away - did not know why. You just have try it out and see - good luck.