Anyone run CDP direct to BAT amps???

I heard the vk-55 amp at the HE show in NYC and was impressed! I've been interested in getting a BAT powered tube system up and running, but would like to run a CDP direct to amp. Does anyone have any experience doing this with BAT amps?
I did it several years ago with a Wadia 850 going into a VK200 and then a vk60. Worked wonderful, amazing, right until I tried a BAT preamp in the mix.

Net net, it'll sound good. A great preamp will sound better, however it's a $$'s thing. If you're digital only, I'd go for the best CDP you can afford and skip the pre. If you're not constrained on $$'s, get a great CDP and a great pre. You're better off in the end.
While researching (and saving) for an amp upgrade, I am running my AA Capitole II direct to my VK-200. The sound is, as Jfrech notes above, wonderful. The Capitole's tubed output marries well to solid state, but I'll audition tubed amps/pre-amps as well.
I ran the superb Muse Model 10 CD with the analog-variable, balanced output module straight into a pair of VK-60 monos (VK-120?). Then I put the Aesthetix Calypso in the chain, and it was no contest. Too many reasons to list. Everything that mattered (to me) in music listening was better with the tube preamp in the chain. Other Muse owners MMV. The Model 10 is a wonderful and vastly underrated CD player. Many love it with the variable, all analog output. I like the tubes better.