Anyone road test the new ARC Ref CD-9??

The ARC web site hasn't posted anything yet, but ARCDB picked the newest ARC addition to its Ref line-up:

"Benefitting from what we have learned in the development of the REF DAC and the DSPre, the REF CD9 utilizes quad 24-bit DACs running in mono mode, with dual master oscillators; one for 44.1/88.2/176.4 sample rates, the other for 48/96/192kHz sample rates. Sample rate conversion is selectable for all inputs, allowing playback in native resolution or via upsampling, including compact disc and—for the first time— the USB input. Additionally, there is a selectable digital filter, with either fast or slow rolloff. On the bench, the bandwidth of the REF CD9 is five times that of the CD8, with one tenth of the distortion, greater dynamic range, and it is also quieter."

And all for the palty sum of $12,999.
Does it include analog volume control? Will it be equivalent to the volume control of teh Ref series preamps?

Dunno. Take a look at the site.
It boggles the mind to think they can produce a product like this for such a low price.
No volume control on this model, it would canibalize their reference dac.
Spoke to Kal yesterday about another issue and the new Ref CD-9 came up. As far as the "red book" CD side of the house, Kal said the CD-9 is better (no surprise) than the CD-8, principally because the CD-9 uses upsampling which greatly improves the sound and bandwidth. I think, but am not sure, that Kal said the DAC is the same, but as stated, the upsampling feature is the main improvement.

OTOH, the "other side of the house" . . . well that's all new and designed to provide flexibility for all sorts of new formats and inputs. Frankly, I didn't understand a word he said because I am resisting going down that "DAC" (pun) road. If anyone gets a chance to hear the new CD-9, please report back.
Most ARC dealers/retailers are having 'open house' specials for this player. On 30 January, Audio Concepts (Dallas TX) sponsored this event. I am sure others will follow suit.
Contact ARC for more intel.

Happy Listening!