Anyone reterminate the classic BMI Shark power cord with other plugs?

I just picked up a Shark Vi on the cheap and am going to install other plugs.  I had one of these years ago, liked it quite a bit, but found it ultimately too soft sounding, that is in the bass and dynamically.  My experience with platinum plugs, the Oyaide 004,  and with their R1 outlet would have me think that this metal is anything but soft sounding.  I'm wondering what other plugs have been tried with this power cord.  I have Oyaide 046 and IeGO 8095 plugs on my other DIY power cords but would appreciate hearing about other plugs.  And please, nothing about how great some $8 plug from China with red copper is.  If you've heard the Oyaides and the top IeGO (as well as other high end plugs), then you know that there is a world of difference between good VALUE plugs and GOOD plugs.  Thanks for any assistance.