Anyone replace the spikes on Gallo Reference 3's?

I notice that my Ref 3's really don't penetrate through to the carpet pad, because of the wide spike point.

The high rake angle I've settled on for image height exacerbates the problem by unweighting the front spikes.

Has anyone tried replacing them? I'm concerned to find a set with enough thread to be adequately adjustable.

My Ref3's have the maple bases, so the Bright Star stands wouldn't look very good (and frankly those are unattractive stands regardless, IMHO).

Any suggestions?

I am going to have to agree with the comment about the look of those stands you mentioned for the Gallos. They take away from the speaker in my opinion and forces you to get a black base on the speaker IF you were going to match up.
Take a look at my systems page for my solution to the Gallo spike replacement question.