Anyone replace the fuse in a PS Audio Powerplant?

Just wondering if anyone has replaced the fuse in their PS Audio Powerplant with an aftermarket one (Hifi Tuning, Synergistic Research, etc)? I just picked up a P3 and love it so far. In the past I have had good results using the Hifi fuses in my amps and preamps.
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I posted in this on another thread.

I just went full monty on my new PS Audio P10 power plant.

I used a transformer chip, Power chip, 8 large cap and 4 small cap chips along with a HIFI Supreme fuse with a fuse chip.
Wow, it's only been a few moments, but wow, what dynamics! The stage seems to have deepened immensely.
Thank you Ozzy. I will go ahead and get the Hifi Tuning fuse. I am truly amazed at the improvement the P3 made in my system! In the future the Powerplant will be the first component I buy.
This is hilarious.

Make sure you try the fuses in both directions.