anyone remember the RGR preamp from the early 80's

I am trying to look for the RGR preamp from the early 80's that the Audio Critic had rated so well. as I remember, it sounded VERY good, and was rated the best pre amp at the time by AC... anyone remember it? Any idea of the value?
Yes, I owned the RGR Model 4 preamp and till this day regret selling it. It had an excellent Phono section and was truly way ahead of its time. I saw one listed on AA early this year at $175.
Robert Grodinsky's preamp was fine in it's day, but time has moved on. I believe that it was the first preamp to implement RIAA EQ passively.
I owned a model 4, sounded great but had some reliability issues as I recall.
I owned one of these. Very poor construction quality by today's standards - used cheap strip RCA connectors. As I recall, the designer kept changing the tonal balance of the unit as noted by reviewers. It had detachable circuit boards inside. It had defeatable tone controls. It was relatively expensive in its day.