Anyone remember the "Elcassette"?

Somewhere in the middle '70's, Sony brought out a tape deck
called the Elcassette. It used 1/4" (?) tape in a large cassette, something similar to the "Beta" cassette.

This system was rather highly thought of, at the time.

I had two of them back then. Still have one and a full case of unopened cassettes.

Any market for these?

TIA, Barrie
Due to the lack of availability of blank tapes and the fact that you can't play them in anything but machines that are no longer available and never sold well to begin with, i don't think that there is any market for the Extra Large Cassette. Sean
Who mourns the DODO BIRD?
I remember that we refered to them as "El" Cassette or Mexican Cassettes. They could have some collector value as rare as they were even when they were made. They didn't stick around long. Adios amigo
There is at least one website devoted to elcassette technology and its history. I believe that the whole bloody mess was eventually marketed somewhere in Scandinavia (not sure..Norway, maybe?). I think there were some Teac consumer Elcaset decks marketed, too. I saw them in Japan when I lived there as a boy.