Anyone remember speakers by Kindel Audio?

I owned 2 different pairs of Kindel speakers, the Phantom and the PLS-a, a friend still has the PLS-a's and they still sound fantastic. Am I the only one who was into these? Bill Kindel is a talented speaker designer. Seems like with the demand for speakers that are efficent the PLS-a at 94db would be great for SET guys. They were an 8ohm nominal load but do have a dip to 2ohms. This may drive some SET amp nuts. The PLS-a is big(130 lbs. each) and dynamic! The Phantom was a smaller speaker for a more intemate listening room. They had fabulas sound and were very transparent! I miss them sometimes.
I not only remember them, but I own a pair of PLS-A.
They are indeed great, not to mention, big and heavy.
They also survived the 1994 earthquake intact.

I am thinking of selling them - is anyone interested?
jstromp, what else are you using with your Kindels? My friends, that I sold him still sound fantastic. What would you repalce them with? Something smaller? That's the only reason I sold mine. At the time I bought them I had a great room for them, but after moving and putting them in a smallish room it was time to set them free to roam the wide open spaces.
FWIW, I knew someone who used the Kindel Phantoms and they were pretty nice from what I can remember 13 years ago. Last I heard from a mutual friend, he refuses to get rid of them and was still using them with a modified Hafler amp and Well Tempered turntable.
I owne a pair, and I would love to find a second pair for the rear chanel. If you hear of a pair for sale, please, please let me know.