Anyone remember Marcof Electronics and the cables they made?

Marcof might be best know for their MC head amps. I believe the guys behind Marcof also owned the speaker kit and stereo store in St. Louis called SpeakerCraft. Back in the 80's I bought a few pair of their RCA interconnects. I think they were called MegaStrand. I still have some.  I have tried many others over the years and I still prefer the Marcof cables in my vintage system. I'm not sure what they are made of but they are fat cables and fairly stiff. Unfortunately, all of the sets I have are short. I need something closer to 1M. Does anyone know a cable that's similar in construction? Trying different cables at random is a pain and time consuming.
I bought a pair of SpeakerCraft speaker from the store in Webster Groves in 1978.    They are still working great and sound good in Baton Rouge, LA.

I can get with Ed,  I believe that he still has some long runs of Megatrand type 2.  
Do you know if you had Type 1, Type 2 or SE? 

As far as construction,  these are made with a 38 gauge cotton litz.  The differences between the 3 are the braid and twist construction. 
I did speak with Ed-thanks to you. I have type 1 and 2s. Never used the SE.