Anyone remember Helen Reddy?

The Aussie gal who sang megahits like "I am Woman" and "Angie Baby" was featured on TV recently . She is living by herself in a simple, small sparsely furnished apartment. And the big question on that program was where did all her money go? But she looked serene and satisfied, saying that she is happy to be where she is now.
Yes, I remember her. Never liked her songs.
I'm glad she is serene and satisfied. So am I as long as I never have to listen to her music.
What money? She barely got started and then flopped. Jumped on the feminism bandwagon probably carried by her producers hoping for a pay-off that didn't materialize. She sucked. Big time.
Never liked her songs.

She sucked. Big Time.

That's funny!

Did like her song Peaceful though.
I did not expect such negative responses. I thought she had a good voice with range and power, and was a huge success albeit for a short while. Anyway, it is all over now.
****I did not expect such negative responses*****

Then you must be new. This place is negativity personified.

Hi Rok,
I like this site more often than not. I find more sarcasm and negative attitudes on Audio Asylum than here.The long running jazz thread you`re involved with here has been really good.
She was not my cup of tea, but she did hire Kim Fowley to do a bit of producing and I think that's interesting. Kim is not a real middle-of-the-road kind of guy.
Although her recordings were not my particular cup of tea, I can understand the appeal that "I Am Woman," "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady," etc., had to many in those times. And I would disagree with those who say she sucked.

-- Al

My post is just the latest example of me engaging my mouth before my brain.

The statement I made could never be true as long as people like you are members here. Your conversations are a model of informative and civil discourse.

I withdraw my post / statement. In a moment of weakness I let 'them' get to me. Sorry.

No probem Rok. Keep up the good insight with the jazz music topics,always interesting.
Helen Reddy was a hugely sucessful recording artist. Her music actually inspired people. I am sure all the people who say she sucked or otherwise question her talent have had even more sucessful and influential musical careers.
Singers,as well as all entertainers and athletes are in the public domain and subject to opinions favorable or not. She is subject to the same scrutiny good or bad. Some folks adore Bob Dylan others preferred James Brown.There`s always a fan and a detractor.
The context of the OP was that she was going thru a bad period financially. And given the state of her career, and her age, that may not be reversible.

If her music did not appeal to certain people, fine, just keep it to yourself or comment on a more appropriate thread and at a more appropriate time.

She fought the good fight in her own way. I admire her for that.

Negative, the word I used previously, was not the correct word. Mean spirited is.

Now you can go back to listening to your Diana Krall Lp.

"I am woman, hear me roar - in numbers too large to ignore!"

Is that right? From +/- forty years ago?

Okay, might not be up there with Dylan's best work, but I still smile at that lyric.
"too big to ignore", at least in my memory.
That's too 'big' to ignore. Virtually impossible with the way the radio stations rammed it down our throats. The connotation of the op is that she made it big. Where's the evidence? Lots of great one hit wonders that didn't make it also. I don't know these people. It's about the music which I do know.
Helen Reddy had three Billboard number one singles. She also had 15 top 40 hits. I think that qualifies her as more than a one hit wonder.
The connotation of the op is that she made it big. Where's the evidence?
From Wikipedia:
Helen Reddy (born 25 October 1941) is an Australian American singer and actress and activist. She is often referred to as the "Queen of 70s Pop". In the 1970s, she enjoyed international success, especially in the United States, where she placed fifteen singles in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. Six of those 15 songs made the Top 10 and three of those songs reached No. 1, including her signature hit "I Am Woman."[1] She also placed 25 singles on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts. Fifteen of those singles made the Top 10 and 8 of those reached No. 1. She was the first artist to ever win the coveted American Music Award for "Favorite Pop/Rock Female" artist. She was also the first Australian to win a Grammy Award and to have three No. 1 hits in the same year.
Discography, including peak chart positions in the US and Canada, here.

Best regards,
-- Al
Helen Reddy was huge in the 70's. She wasn't that awful at all, in fact she actually had a nice powerful and clear voice. I recall seeing her on television in the mid 70's as well. She wasn't my preference in music but she was everywhere and I respect her career and wish her well.
P.S. Don't make me start a thread called 'Anyone remember Paul Williams?'
She had a passable voice with fairly subpar material...very dates today...lot øf mediocre artists made it Big in the 70s
Donjr-he is and was a terrific writer, not a band singer either, so please do if you feel the urge.
She ruined my girlfriend.
Thank you for the information but I'm also aware that Google is my friend. However it doesn't change my position. We're all aware of the manipulative nature of top 40's agenda. Seriously, folks. The only two songs I remember which are indelibly burned into my memory forever are 'I am Woman' and 'Delta Dawn'. I don't recall a single other tune by her. Now I wonder why that could be. I could probably recite them by heart. And the political nature of music awards is just as ridiculous. How many American Idol fans here? The actual money she made during her supposed 'peak' is still questionable imo.
Check this thread side by side with the Linda Ronstadt thread.Both singers suffering.LR gets all the compassion.It's the all important Audiogon "Babe Factor".Any one wonder what LR might think about us? I was certainly no great fan of HR,or Top 40 but she is a human being and deserves some dignity.
She was/is a feminist icon in addition to a 70's "pop" star. That's a controversial topic and I think that accounts for a lot of the diverse opinions here 40 years later even, FBOFW. It is what it is. I do not relate to her that much myself, but I will not hold that against her. may others, particularly women, probably do.
Of course she deserves dignity. She has it. My goodness, this forum is about music. Remember? It's not about character analysis. Not for me, anyway. How do you judge a person you haven't met or hardly even seen in the media? Those kinds of comments can't possibly have any merit, either positive or negative without first hand experience. I could name some jerks along with some great people but not on this forum since they're not involved in music. I'm not a big fan of Linda Rondstat either. I like some of her tunes but I only have one album. So what?

Phaelon, she probably ruined a lot of girlfriends. Along with every feminist's icon, Gloria Steinem. I hate feminism. But I also hate machoism.
Yes. Drek. (In response to this thread's title.)
Speaking of unexciting answers.... ?
Debbie Downer....ease up on the blues maybe, they can be addictive.
Great voice and she was quite pretty when she was younger. I have not seen her lately. I actually like her voice and ya the songs were cheesy, but I even liked some of them.

Funny thing is I was building speakers in my basement as a young boy and would play Helen to test them out and listen. Special memories and Helen was part of them. As a young boy I though she was a babe!
"Donjr-he is and was a terrific writer, not a band singer either, so please do if you feel the urge."

Oh really? I had no idea. I just pulled his name out of my head but hadn't a clue who he was.
I didn't hate her music, I could take it or leave it, but I refuse to gloat over her present circumstances.

I think you're wrong--it's about the sound. Helen Reddy was a very good pop singer. Linda Ronstadt had a voice that was extraordinary, one of the best and most interesting of her generation. I'd give a lot to have had Helen's career, but Linda was on another level.
Hey I love Abba but I'll bet a lot of folks on this site think they're a joke, not to me, ok some of the lyrics are banal but don't forget, English wasn't their first language :) I though Helen Reddy was ok, not my cup of tea but she did achieve success if only for a brief period which is generally the case in pop music to the ones that ACTUALLY even get there which are a very select few. This qualifies her for some degree of respect and recognition if nothing else.
I think everybody likes some of Abba's songs. They were pretty good.
Csontos - wrong again! Disliked them entirely.
I wouldn't be surprised if Abba is still on the charts somewhere.
Oh come on Rockadanny, you can admit it. We can't see you here:)
Nope... afraid I’m not quite buying it either Rockadanny. Are you really trying to tell us that nothing Abba ever did got your toes tapping? Not even “SOS"? And what about poor little “Fernando"? Goosebumps!
Not even when they wore pirate boots?
and not just the pirate boots who could EVER forget Agnetha in those skin tight spandex getups, oh the memories that vision brings back. Sorry Helen for getting off track.