Anyone recommend the best small speakers for cheap

Just want to hear some input as to others experience with higher resolution/better sounding high endish type small speakers I should consider for a small space. Other than like NHT super Zero's(considering), Gallo Neuclues(probably not), what else is worth looking for that I might be able to do for surround in a small set up, and still sound good for 2 channel descent sound?.....again, compared to, say, NHT super Zero's, which I find ok? They really can't be any bigger than the Super Zero's for space constraints
Add the B&W DM303 and DM302 to your list to audition. The DM303 have a MSRP of $300. The DM302 are discontinued (replaced by the DM303), but a mint used pairs usually sell for only +/-$175.

I have a pair of Sound Dynamics RTS-3's in my downstairs system, which are very hard to beat for the money. They are not Harbeth's but for $250.00 (which they can now be gotten for) they are truly amazing.
Triangle Titus retail for $495. Stereophile recommended component class 'B'. Very detail, high end sound.
Probably the best sound per dollar I'm aware of would be the Axiom speakers that are really getting some nice press and reviews from owners. Given what I've read they would seem to be at another level over the NHTs, and I'd forget the Gallos if you at all care about sound. They make several models of small speakers, but I'd recommend the M3ti that I think is about the same size as the NHT Super Ones(although they make at least two smaller models that might work better given your constraints) and sell for around $225/pr. In the U.S. they're only available through the website(it's a Canadian company), which is, and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can read reviews on and more if you search in Best of luck.

First try to find out if you like metal tweeters or soft domes, as they sound very different. In the metal camp try the B&W 303 as mentioned earlier, and if you can spend a little more the Paradigm Studio 20 can be found for about 500 used. For soft domes, try the Wharfedale 8.1, new price is 200 or even less on ebay. The next step up would be a dynaudio 42 for about 500 or so used. Generally speaking you can't go wrong with any of these speakers, but the two pricier models will get you greater refinement and power handling. All of these have matching center channels availible, if surround sound is your goal.
I would second the Axioms. I recently bought the M22's and they are really much more than a surround speaker and could serve as the main pair of speakers if matched with a sub. That's what I'm using them for and I replaced a pair of $2300 speakers (albeit 14 years old). The Axiom's can also be purchased from Canadian dealers, such as the Audioshop ( They offer deals including speaker stands and speaker cable. I don't think the 16 inch stands offered by on the Axiom site would be tall enough for my installation. Anyway, the sound of the Axiom's belies the low cost. They are the bargain of bargain speakers. apparently, they manufacture speakers for other companies and they have an economy of scale which allows them to offer their own brand at ridiculously low prices.
Westlake Lc4.75
Paradigm Mini Monitors...$400 new, and sound damn good. Of course at this price point you won't get everything, and Paradigm's short coming is it's deep bass extension. The bass is good and powerful, but not as deep as a full range speaker.
You didn't mention a price range, so I'll throw out a couple of monitor size speakers that I think are very good, and have also gotten good critical reviews.

1. Sequerra Pyramid MET-7: an exceptionally fine speaker, designed by high-end audio legend Richard Sequerra. The MET-7 images like crazy, has very good frequency extension at both ends, and is sometimes available on the used market for $600-800. For more info about the MET-7, see the Sequerra Web site:

2. Krix Equinox: a dandy little Australian speaker that sells new for $600 (or $300-350 used). I tried several small speakers for my office system, and eventually chose the Equinox. I've been very pleased with them. Not only do they offer very good sound, but their cabinetry (Jarrah wood) is of very high quality for the price range.

And, finally, two models from one of the two truly high-value speaker manufacturers, PSB (Paradigm is the other): the PSB Image 2B ($400 new), and the PSB Stratus Mini ($1050 new).
You have to look into GR Research speakers. They are wonderful speakers and are very often spoken of on sites like and there was a very good review comparing the GR Research speakers against the Axioms and Paradigm Mini Monitors as well. Some have compared the speakers to speakers in the $1,500-$3,000 range. The website is

Good Luck

** By the way, I sold my PSB Goldi's because I preffered the midrange and highs of the GR Research AV1+ speakers I own. I also use a sub with them.
If you want to see the shootout between the GR Research speakers, the Axioms and Paradigms got to and do a search for GR Research in the speaker and subwoofer section.
An incredible small speaker and incredible value would be the Acoustic Energy AE1. You would be hard pressed to do better than these.Audiolab ( has them for $239.00 and the shipping is free.
The AE1 is a high end minimonitor that sells for a lot more than $239. The Aegis One sells for $229-299, and is a terrific speaker for the money. If you are looking for a speaker in the under $300 range, in addition to those mentioned, the Aegis One is a good choice. You might also consider the Monitor Audio Bronze series and the KEF Crestas. If you can find them, a used pair of Harbeth HL-P3's in the $5-600 range would be the best.
I'll echo lovetube on the Triangle Titus speakers. I ended up buying a pair for my brother for his graduation present. Very musical, very transparent.