Anyone recommend a good hdmi cable?

Hi, new here. 

I am looking for a high quality hdmi cable for gaming. I am currently interested in the wireworld platinum or silver models. Any help is appreciated. 

I own WW Silver Starlight 7 HDMI cables. I recommend them for what I use them for, which is between my Oppo 205 and an Anthem AVM-60 for home theater. I also run this cable from the Roku to the Anthem AVM-60. For gaming, however, I don't know. I have two semi-serious gaming teenage in my house who built their own computers specifically for the hobby, but they haven't yet asked to try the WW cable with their computers. They have to buy their own stuff so...they might not want to hear what they are missing. Good luck in your search.
Hi xenon. Welcome to the forum. 

Any premium certified cable will more than suffice. No need to spend big bucks, IMO. Check for the logo.

@xenon It may be helpful if you describe what you are looking for the HDMI cable to do for you? And approximate budget?
I want just the best hdmi cable there is that actually works.
I bought the Carbon HDMI cable by Audioquest, one of their very best. I use it for my new LG Smart HDTV and LG Blu Ray player. Super good picture, looks like film, and great sound quality. I got mine used for $100 bucks from A-gon IIRC. Glad I did. I spent 4 X more on the Carbon HDMI Cable than I did on the LG Blu Ray player. Was that wrong of me? Are there some cheaper HDMI cables that are as good or better. Who knows? Who cares?
I have one of those low price hdmi cables that work perfectly on my nvidia plus bravia combo. it is certified by