Anyone received a Millenium DAC II ??

I put my name on the list about eight months ago and haven't heard anything. The EVS website is delay after delay. I know Ric is busy, so I don't want to bother him. Has anyone received their DAC yet? Does anybody know what the delay is? Just curious...and anxious.
Check over at Audio Asylum in the Digital section. There is a long thread about what is going on. My take was that Ric upgraded the output circuit to include field effect transformers instead of op amps. Feedback from the first DAC sent out was not positive. It sounds like Ric agreed with the feedback and is currently redesigning the output circuit. This is my read on things, I recommend you check out Audio Asylum and draw your own conclusions. I hope Ric gets it worked out. I'd like to see his business become successful and I'd also like one of his new DACs (waiting since 3/00).
I too have been waiting on one of these. Ric told me that i would have mine the first week of February yet i've still heard nothing from him. Now here's the "scary" thing. The original "comments" about the Millenium II were made by "Mel". He found the EVS piece to be quite lacking compared to his Audio Research CD 2 player by itself. What is "frightening" is that i was thinking about buying either the EVS piece or the ARC CD 2 or their DAC 3 to use with my existing transport !!!! With Mel's specific comments ringing in my ears and the fact that Ric seems to agree with them, i'm beginning to lean more and more that way all over again. Besides that, who knows how long it will be before these things are ready to roll out the door now that he has to re-work it ???? I hate to let someone else's opinions sway me by THAT much, especially someone that i don't know at all, but i was honestly questioning whether a SS DAC could give me what my current tube DAC does for me already ??? Like many others, the turn of recent events has REALLY shaken up my take on where all of this is going and if i want to take that specific path. Sean
I'm also on Ric's list, but after Mel's comments, which he eventually qualified to lend them credit, I've become very gun shy about the MII. I have no expectation of seeing one anytime soon. I've squeezed about as much as I can out of my old CAL Sigma II and really need a new DAC. I'm about ready to get the new Assemblage 3.1 instead of the MII. Although fully optioned it's quite a bit more money (over 2X), the 3.1 offers most of what the MII has only promised (K grade chips, top line op amps, outstanding power supply and digital receiver sections, super parts quality and upgrade paths). Most importantly, it's in production for delivery NOW. TPC is one of the most responsive companies in the business. Ric can be very difficult to get a response from at times - especially right now, when he should be addressing these serious concerns. I do hope Ric succeeds . . . soon.
I'm going to stick with the Millenium II for a couple of reasons.
1) I've waited this long, another few weeks is a drop in the bucket. Rick had already contacted me for my DAC specifics and payment method before the "Mel" incident. So I know I am at or near the top of the list.
2) In addition to making a great DAC Ric is also looking to make some money. He made that clear to me when I talked to him last spring. He and his future business have a lot riding on this next iteration of the DAC II. I believe he will do everything possible to ensure it is a quality product. The stakes are to high for him not to.
I will also say I know how other people are feeling. There are so many great DACs out there today at prices that won't break the bank. Perpetual Technology, Assemblage, Bel Canto, Audio Note, MSB etc. It's hard to sit and wait for a product when you can call and have a good DAC shipped the next day. Like I said, I will try the Millenium DAC II. If it does not work out in the 30 day trial period I will return it and go DAC shopping. Life could be a lot worse.