Anyone reccommend books on Tuners?

Does anyone know of any books on Tuner construction?

Amps, Pre-amps, Speakers, all basic stuff. Basic components, nothing too fancy. Im curous about tuners though, i was wondering how complicated it is to build a high quality FM tuner.

Any reccommendations?
Grab a book from Barnes and Nobel bookstor
"Basic Electronics by
Bureau of Naval Personnel.
Uhm, ok,

Is this just a basic electronics book or is it geared twards radio?

I used to fiddle with electronics in highschool, and ive taken some classes on this stuff, but alot of it im just starting to remember.

i wish i had the desire to design my own from scratch, but i'd rather stand on the shoulders of giants and mess with thier designs a few times before i try my first origional design.
It's not specifically geared towards radio but it has a sufficient information on how to understand and later-on build or restore a good quality radio.
I second the book "Basic Electronics" above. It's not a general electronics book. It is aimed at audio/radio circuits and has a lot of tube circuits too. It has entire chapters on receivers and tuned circuits. It is dealing with radio communication in the services so it is a little different but the basic principles are the same.It is not going to give you schematic for the project you want but it will be a very good basic book and not very expensive. It is very clearly written having been put together to educate servicemen.

A second book that is indirectly helpful would be the ARRL handbooks. These are aimed at amateur radio crowd and not commercial am-fm tuners but, again, most of the basics, I think, are the same. The earlier editions (1945-60) are good for tube circuits too.
ARRL Handbooks on EBay

I have not used these resources that much for the radio info but rather for the amp info they both include but the radio/receiver stuff is all there.

Finally, if you are going down this road I suggest you start asking these questions at one of the many diy/electronics forums as you will get a lot larger and more informed response. Agon is really basically a retail oriented forum.

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There is a Tuner discussion group on Yahoo Groups. I would post this question there..
This question has in fact been covered on the FMTuners group, and the general conclusion has been that unless you're insane, doing one from scratch would be a fool's errand. This isn't a preamp, like you wisely noted.

Building a modern high end tuner would require more than I care to think about. Even the "tuner companies" like Magnum and Farfare haven't bothered to do it, really. They still rely on a lot of car radio parts and VERY dated designs with dual gate MOSFET front ends!

To do it from scratch, you'd have to be a filter expert to do it right to design and build relatively sophisticated group delay compensated 10.7MHz filters. Then you've got to design yourself a PLL or ratio detector. Then you've got to design an LA3450-based setup for the multiplex, or a discreet analog multiplier setup, not to mention an interface.

This is why most people just prefer to modify existing tuners, and don't write books about building your own. If you pick the right platform, most of the work will have been done for you, and you'll have some decent shoulders to stand on. My current cheap tuner to mod / redo pick is a Yamaha T-85 or TX-1000: Already have the jFET RF amp (not perfect, but better than MOSFET!), balanced mixer, a group delay EQ'd IF, very quiet FM detector, and an analog multiplier stereo decoder. You can put better IF filters in, replace the opamps used for the stereo decoder, replace capacitors, resistors and what not, build a new / addition power supplies, you get the idea. Basically, play with parts. Not a piece of "by the book" car radio chips in sight. I have yet to find a comprehensive "do it all" book.


Thanks for the information.

I still plan to take a whack at it, but ill keep your words in mind and not expect anything truly fantastic. '

Good luck. I'd certainly never want to scare anyone away from trying!