Anyone read Perfect Visions Review of LSA's?

Perfect Visions Chris Martens reviewed the LSA2's the Di/Bi/Pole's and the CV.
If you haven't read it, I believe, if you're looking for package, you should. He really captures these speakers very well.

Any other questions, you can write to me.

It's lonely out here when no one's a really good review that had me psyched...but no one's read it huh?

I posted earlier, but for some reason it never showed up. Really great speaker review. Can't ask for much more praise than that man. You must be proud of your creation when Chris Martin speaks that highly of them.

Good on ya man.
I'm trying to find a dealer in the San Diego/LA/Phoenix area to demo the Statements (both monitor and tower). I have the Statement integrated amp and assume I would get some good synergy between them.