Anyone purchased the Doors vinyl box set?

I received my Doors vinyl box set and I'm very disappointed. I started in reverse w/ LA Woman and I've listened thru Waiting For the Sun. Each lp has quite a bit of surface noise, all coming out of my left speaker. I've checked my system and nothing appears wrong. I've also listened to other records and haven't had the surface noise issue.

Anyone else experiencing excessive noise issues w/ this release?
bought 2.....opened and played issues.....infinately better than the german pressings, and better the dcc lp's.
Just got mine have not cleaned yet for play yet.
Mine have no issues and way better than the German pressings.
I never heard the DCC lp's, so i can't comment about those.
I have mine and like it very much.
Sounds digital....not much bottom end. The reissue CDs sound better. In fact, they used digital source material for the LPS if you read the liner notes.