Anyone playing around with jPlay?

Anyone have any experience? Sound is very good, interface is a pain. Curious if anyone else has tried it.
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There is the new Jplay V4 which integrates with iTunes just the way the Amarra does - you get the excellent Apple user interface and Jplay sound engine. Works on PCs only though.

Next week I'm picking up my new hi-end server with the new iTunes/Jplay V4 installed, so will be able to report shortly.

From what I have heard, Marcin has a Jplay that will integrate with JRiver in the works, currently already in the last beta version. Should be available shortly.
I've recently started playing around with it and my impressions are about the same. Very good sound, especially in hibernate mode, but as you said the interface is a pain. I've tried it with Apple lossless, wav and Flac files. It will play all of them however with the Apple lossless there are frequent pops between tracks. That has not happened with either wav or Flac files. The version I have, v.4.0 interfaces with iTunes & Foobar, according to the JPlay site they will be releasing a new version that will also interface with JRiver. When interfaced with iTunes it seems that you lose the ability to do a wireless output to Apple TV or Airport Express. It also does not seem to like switching between sampling rates in iTunes with USB out. I'm not sure if I'm not doing something correct or if that is inherent to JPlay. I do plan to play around with it a bit more especially after the interface with JRiver is released.
Hi Elberoth2,

" Next week I'm picking up my new hi-end server with the new iTunes/Jplay V4 installed, so will be able to report shortly"

Can you tell me what is the hardware in your server? How big is the RAM, do you have SSD et all, what CPU did you selected, HD with or withour fan, regular USP 2.0 port etc?

I tried JPlay and I love it "as is" and I want to build hi-end server now - I feel its time but JPlay put somewhat different emphasis on the computer hardware then all other software players I know of and, thus I want to learn more.

Thank you in advance

Thanks, guys. Merry Christmas.
It seems pricey at about $140
Depends on the point of view .... Amarra is $699, so it is cheap compared to Amarra and (acording to TAS) sounds better.

BTW - just learned new version with J River integration is ready.

I realized how stupid that sounded after I hit "submit as is"...I have JRiver, and I'm not really happy about the navigation...I tried to get a trial version of jplay this morning and couldn't get it done.....I'll wait for another day...

Do you like it better than JRiver?