Anyone plan on driving from east coast to midwest?

This is a strange request, but are any of you living on the east coast planning on driving near the midwest soon? I have a pair of speakers bought in Maryland and need them transported safely. I'd make it worth your time if you are!
I am not,but I like your creativeness in this regard,Bob
I wonder if I could make a living safely transporting equipment for Audiogon buyers? Hmmmmm.
I want a sub taken from West cost to NYC on the way back too!
I have a couple of race cars in Orlando I could use in NY.
I have seen audio sites where they have a section set aside for just such purposes. It seems to have worked well on lots of occasions.
I would love to move your cars for you....Maybe I should be a full time driver for people on this site too!
Uppermidfi, that sounds like the plot for a Jason Statham direct to DVD movie. I smell a sequel already...
That's what we need. An equipment chauffeur. Cars, planes, audio; no people.

Yup, no people.

Let's keep it dirt simple.
hmmmm...How do you move things with no people???
That's not a sequel, I have gas.