Anyone pairing Cornwall IVs with solid state amplification to good results?

Because I have an obsessive need to try out all sorts of gear, I paired my Cornwall IVs with a nice Marantz PM KI Ruby integrated.  What surprised me was I actually liked a Class D design at a "reasonable price" and the resulting sound is more than livable.  It's a great pairing. 

There's little chance I sell off my tube museum of gear and valves, but this experiment was a pleasant surprise.  I have now tried them with push pull EL 34, KT88/KT120, KT150, 300 B, and Class A solid state, and Class D solid state. 

Any of you out there in hifi land using a solid state amplifier with Cornwall IVs or a horn loaded speaker to great effect?   I am appreciative to hear your experience. 


I have CW IV paired with a Naim Uniti Nova, excellent sound and feature-packed all-in-one system.

I've also paired the CW IV with lots of tubes amps and the Naim is on par with the amps, albeit with different strengths. 

I recently purchased a First Watt SIT-3; I'm loving it. I like it more than my Pass XA-25. The SIT-3 as a real organic and earthy rich sound. Eric Clapton's un-plugged sounds amazing.

I've also been playing with cables. Some Tellurium Black speaker cables are on their way. I have a Coincident Statement preamp along with a BorderPatrol DAC upstream with Zu Event interconnects. I also plan to connect a Supratek Sauvignon to it and see if the the 6sn7 sound combo is better. The Supratek has adjustable gain, but the Coincident has no gain issues either. Good luck!

This is a quote from Herb R

"Because when the SIT-3's dancing partner is a compatiblepair of speakers, it's one of the two or three finest-sounding amplifiers I've heard anywhere, at any price. Which is why I think the most important question an audio reviewer must explore is: What constitutes a compatibleloudspeaker for the amplifier being reviewed?"