Anyone paired Lamm or Tenor with Revel Studios?

Wondering how the ML1.1 or 75wp sounds with the not so sensitive Studios.
I have not used either, however, I do have the Revel Studios, and am using similar quality equipment.
I used to use a Levinson No. 27 (100W/ch), and then upgraded to the Levinson No. 23 (200W/ch). The smaller amp seemed to drive it acceptably, however, I do notice that it seems just a bit sweeter with the bigger amp. (It seems to fill the room a bit better, although I do have a decent sized room - 16'x24'). I am not sure I would go down as fair as 75W/ch. I think that might really be stretching the limits of the amp.

Good luck in finding the amp you like.
I also do have the revel studio, regarding the Tenor amp 75wp I don't think it is enough to drive the studio read the review for studio at they have used it to test out but not enough juice to drive them, I am also in the market for tube amp to drive the revel.
Hi Kurt. Hi too have the Salons. I am sure the 75w OTL Tenors will not be happy with the Salons. They need a LOT of current!The new 300w intergrated Tenors should be great though. Tried SF 3's..too slow,boomy sound. Tried Levinson 336..OK but no real magic. Someone said they were happy with Simaudio SS amps, 200wpc. Better but not good enough. I tried a stock Berning and I could not believe this 10lb tubed amp could kick it with the Salons but they did! I now have a set of highly modded mono block Bernings. Unreal how alive they sound. Cymbals, bass, female vocals, reed instruments all have body and a presence to them that I have not heard in more than a handfull of systems.