anyone pair the Kinki Studio EX-M1 amp with Ascend RAAL Towers?

I'm looking for an integrated stereo amp to pair with my Ascend Towers with the RAAL tweeters. Amp must have a home theatre bypass, and I would prefer 100+ wpc. $3,000 USD is my max spend.   I will have dual Rythmik L22 sealed subs hooked up to the integrated pre outs for the stereo music playback also. (These subs and towers are part of my H/T setup.)

I'm seriously considering the Kinki Studio EX-M1+ and wanted to hear if anyone has heard this amp/speaker combination.  Have read that matching is important with this amp as the midrange could sound thin.

I've owned the M1+ since July but have only used it with a pair of Nola KO's and (2) Rythmik F12G's.  Great integrated amp in my opinion especially considering the build quality and the price.  In the past I have used the EX-M1 with Reynaud Abscisse Jubilee's that also have a "ribbon" style tweeter with excellent results. The Kinki amps are pretty neutral.  
92 dB Ascends would do better wtih more power than the 215w? That is the first time I've ever heard that recommendation! Many use 100w amps, and lower. No room for separates, so not shopping for a pre.

I've been powering them with a Marantz SR8002 for H/T use which supplies a clean 125w 2 channels driven. I"ve been extremely happy with the impact and dynamics. Then again, room is small 1,500 cu ft and seated 11ft away. 

Also considering the  Musical Fidelity M5si (150 wpc)
I do like tubes, had a Conrad Johnson preamp for many years. If this was a separate stereo setup I would definitely consider it.  But, no tubes for this purchase as the unit will be powering my L&R mains when watching TV in my media room.  Don't want to be burning tubes for the many hours of movie watching.

Also neither has my required home theatre bypass input.

Thanks for the recomendations.

I am really considering to get the ex-m1+ soon (when my actual amp will be sold). I can not listen to it but I contact several persons who have it and listen to it. They confirm what I read in the reviews: well balanced amp, neutral, dynamic with a good stage.  At low level, it gives its full sound so use it with efficient speakers is not stupid. Another aspect, that the ex-m1 has the ability to reproduce easly the ambiance of live recording. 

As a lot of person, I do not like buy without listening, this time I am confident. Hope that help !
Thanks for the info. I really think I'm going to order one this week. Nervous about it, but really looking forward to what it could do for me.
I drive the Sierra w/RAAL with a nova 300 for SS and a Raven Audio Blackhawk Mk 3.1 (20 watts, tubes) and the speakers just sound good.

Going to build 2 Amp Camp Amps and comfigure the amps for mono next.