Anyone own the Thiel 1.7?

I just bought a mint pair and they are amazing in my sunken living room.I have owned the 1.2 , 2.3,2,4 I actually like the 1.7  the best.You need less power the bass is as go as the 2.4 my opinion.If these speakers were nationally reviewed there is no question they would have been  favorites of many reviewers ads. I'm sick of how great the Maggies are supposed to be .if all you listen to is vocals fine otherwise OVERRATED.


Agreed- pureharmony21
a Thiel lover here-I own the CS 2.4SE. It is a sweet , sweet speaker.
The 2.7 and 3.7 are no slouches as well. Happy Listening!
Congrats pureharmony21!  Always like reading about Thiels.  Glad you're happy with them.  I've looked at them a few times.  Agree with the lack of reviews.  They came along kind of at a bad time as Jim Thiel passed away and the new owners ruined, I mean purchased Thiel.  What electronics are you using?  Regards......