Anyone own the new conrad-johnson ART27A amplifier?

Would love any input on this amp.
Thank you very very for your thoughts.

The ART27A uses KT88 running in class A triode.

I’m sure it’s wonderful.
Joe, I have spent time with ART27A and it may be the best amp I have ever heard.  Aside from its sound, Jeff hit the ball out of the park with the new metal work. It is elegant. Sonically, it take KT88s to a whole new level. The sound is pure, clean, with a real sense that you are there. I found its magically addicting. My room is 16x33 and my speaker are 87db @ 4ohms. Not the ideal scenario but it still played well. Next year when we move and I have a smaller room I will buy it. Joe, please call.


Thank you very much. As much as I would love the ART27A, I’m actually thinking it’s too much right now, maybe next year.

I’d love to talk to you about the CAV45-S2 with the EL34 tubes. That will be an easier reach for now and get me back into the CJ family.

 Thank you