Anyone own the Gradient Revolution's..............

preferably the active version, but I would love to hear from any revolution owners. What speakers did you compare them too and what kind of amplification works best? Also, since the mid/tweeter coaxial driver is designed to interact with the room as little as possible (controlled directivity) is the sweet spot really small ala Innersound?
E-mail or call Duke LeJeune at Audiokinesis. He knows and sells the Gradients. He's a very knowledgeable and helpful dude.
they are a loudspeaker like no other....extremely musical,as good as any at any price...they crave lots of power though and the bass they deliver makes you aware of all the high priced speakers that simply can't deliver realistic bass end all product in every way.
Do you own them? What have you compared them to? Thanks in advance.
yes....i would compare them to a quad 989 but you get real lifelike bass...many speakers that offer such transparency do so at the expense of realism...the studio monitors that are used to mix most music are not transparent at all...the concern is first making that piano or voice sound tonally accurate. these finnish beauties will never get the respect that quads do, but they perform in any room in a variety of locations...mine are actually in the corners..try doing that with anything but a 400 lb horn...the combination of tonal quality and transparency have made these speakers the most satisfying purchase i've made in years...they do need solid state power though in excess of 100 watts per channel in a medium sized room.