Anyone own "EDDIE FROM OHIO"???????

Heard them live at the Calvin Theatre in Northampton, MA. recently. Was blown away!
Anyone out there own any discs by them? I (shameful truth) downloaded a 320 mp3 and it seems to indicate a very good quality recording.
If you like folk stuff, Lyle Lovett, Stan Rogers....etc, you will LOVE these folks. They even have a good website!
I strongly suggest a live show. Great performers. I went to see Nickel Creek but was much more impressed with EFO!
Damn---All the interesting stuff at the Calvin is never when I am in town visiting. (I live in Maryland, but grew up in Northampton; NHS Class of 77). Was just an old movie theater way back then.

Same story with the Iron Horse Cafe.

Iron horse is owned by the same folks now. They run the whole town. Cant even get any good wee......I mean....never mind........
I saw Hot Tuna at the Iron Horse back in college. What a great venue and thanks for bringing back a great memory.
The student morning DJ's at the Washington and Lee University Radio station WLUR play Eddie From Ohio's music and rave about the band. I like their sound, I'll have to hear them live the next time they are in Virginia and get one of their recordings. I have a "computer science major" friend visiting later this week for his spring break and I will have to get him to show me how to download some MP3s......--JB