Anyone own or listened to this cd?

Occasionally I will head to my local library and borrow cds of artists and music that I am unfamiliar with looking for new sound that I might like. Of course not everything I try is music I enjoy. But once in awhile Im glad that I did. The latest find for me is A Nod to Bob on red house label. Its different folk artist doing Bob Dylan songs. Now I probably helps that I have always liked his songs (most) but the unique approach of his songs and especially the recording make this a keeper. On my system this is one of the best sounding cds I have. I have many great sounding cds and audiophile cds and this is at the top. It surpasses my mapleshade recordings and msl cds. It is recorded in HD but beats all my HD recordings too. Some of the cuts sound as real as I have ever heard. Just wondering if anyone else had similar results?
Never heard of this album. I just loaded it into my MOG queue. I'll listen to it later today. Thanks for the heads up.
I love this cd and have recommended it many times here and on other music sites. This cd has turned me on to a few really good folk artists, Greg Brown in particular. Since you enjoyed this cd I would recommend These Times We're Living In, which is another compilation disc on the Redhouse label.
Unfortnately, A Nod To Bob Two, recorded to celebrate Bob's 70th birthday is not as good.
Yes, I own it and love it; the artist intepretations are fantastic. I love the Roaches doing the Cloths line Incident. One of the best Bob Dylan cover CD's. My other favorite is the Grateful Dead's "Postcards of the Hanging" it too is fantastic in a rock and roll wa
Mofi I hope your liking this music . Timrhu thanks for the link Im going to order it seems like a good price . Hifimaniac Ill check out the Postcards of the Hangings . Always like finding good new (to me) music.
You might like "Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village In The 60's"
It's classic folk songs from the 60s interpreted by younger folk influenced artists. Marshall Crenshaw does a killer electric "My Back Pages" and there are several other exceptional covers. It's a really good album overall.
Just ordered the Bleecker Street cd. It does look like my kind of music, I do enjoy compilation cds. Thanks for the tip.
I hope you like it, Timrhu. Let us know what you think about it if you get the chance.
Nod to Bob is a great compilation. My favourite track is "Boots of Spanish leather" by Martin Simpson, a truly great British folk singer and even better guitarist, who is'nt known in the US as well as he should be.

I like the idea of an album devoted to one singer or songwriter, by different artists. Some are'nt so great and I would put "We all Love Ella" in that group, though you may like it. Another great one is Herbie Hancock the "Joni Letters", or the river as it is also listed.
David12 funny you mentioned Herbie Hancock Joni Letters. I just borrowed this today from the library but have not played it yet. Timrhu I just ordered two Greg Brown cds Slant 6 and Further in. Thanks for the recommendation.
Hey Hifimaniac I have a tribute to Jimmy Rodgers cd you may like. Jerry Garcia with Grisman, Dickey Betts, Bono, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison just to name some. Good recording also. Timrhu I was looking at my local record shop and found YES A GREG BROWN TRIBUTE go figure. I had to buy it out of curiosity. It is all female artist. Got it used and can return it if I don't like it. I will give feedback. Best
"I like the idea of an album devoted to one singer or
songwriter, by different artists."

My favorites in this genre are:

"Common Thread"-Songs of the Eagles and

"Tapestry Revisited: A Tribute To Carole King"

Both are excellent.
Ok, so if we're talking tribute albums now, here's one of my new favorites, Tower Of Song: Songs Of Leonard Cohen. There's a cut by Tori Amos that's worth the price of the cd. Another fantastic song is by Billy Joel that blows me away, and I have never really cared for Billy Joel. Some other great performances also.
Timrhu I am truly enjoying both Greg Brown cds. I cannot believe that I never knew of him before due to how good he is as an artist. Next cd for me is Covenant. Oh yea wife likes him too. Also I initial take after one listen to Greg Brown tribute is good but need a couple more for a real evaluation. Best
Covenant is my favorite followed by Honey In The Lion Head. The sonics on the Honey cd are as good as it gets but I prefer the music on Covenant.
I received the Bleecker Street cd mentioned above today. Planning on listening to it tonight.
Greg Brown gets a lot of play as well as John Gorka on my system,very good music