Anyone own or listened to the Lector CDP-Seven.

In the April issue of the absolute sound H.P. makes this player sound like a giant killer for a real world price. My interest is peaked so any comparisons or comments. Thank you all.
Lector? Are these the same guys who tried to sell re-badged Xindak SCD-2 for 3K+ quid?
I would like to know how to find a Dealer on this unit?
Maybe I am missing something but I cannot locate.
Reviews are wonderful, but I do prefer to audition.
this is web page of their supposed to be US distributor:

Please, Let us know about outcome of the audition
I called the importer on tuesday.The person I spoke to said that January 04 was when they started to cary the Lector line and at present had a dealer in California. Since I live in Washington this did me no good.He also was unable to answer some of my questions and told me to call back on Friday when the owner Victor Goldstein would be in and able to give me more information. You can find the importer and manufactuer at Audiogons manufacture page under Lector. Anyone who can get a listen let us know what you think.
Hey Y'all,

I own the Lector CDP-7T and it is a wonderful CD player. I previously owned a Metronome CD2-V Signiture w/Telefunkin 6dj8s and Halo tube dampers. I thought I had a very nice sound going. Then Victor Goldstein asked me to bring my Metronome down to his showroom. He said had another player he was thinking about carrying and wanted my opinion and wanted to A/B it against the Metronome. After about 2 1/2 hrs of listening and a couple of switches back and forth between CDPs, I thought the Lector totally outclassed the Metrnome. The Metronome seemed constrained and thin in the mids to mid bass and rolled off in the lower bass much sooner then I thought, compared to the Lector. I also found the highs on the Lector to be much smoother and sweeter then the Metronome and that really suprised me because I'd always felt that this was the strength of the Metronome player. When I got the Lector home, it took about three months for it to arrive, I was shocked and very pleased with the sound. The soundstage was broader and taller with much more depth and detail then I could remember with the Metronome. I found myself pulling out everything I had, my main demo discs, disc I had in heavy rotation in my car changer, even disc I had not listened to for a while, and they all sounded bigger, better, more alive. Now to qualify myself, I've only listened to four top line CDPs. I was using a DVD for CD playback before I purchased my Metronome. I've also heard the Electrocompaniet EMC-1, an Audio Note tansport and dac combo I'm not sure what model and the Audio Aero Capitole MkII. I would say that the Lector would fall behind only the Audio Aero, considered by most to be the best one piece player available, and the Audio Note. I have not read the review as of yet but I'm looking forward to it. I do recommend the Lector CDP-7T very much, for the price it is a very good performer and a great value.......John
I'm from Italy and have owned the Lector 7T for more than 4 years.
To make it short, to get something better,with the same analogue-like presentation,in my set up, room and to my ears, I have got to buy the AA Capitole mk2 that it's way more expensive.
Thanks for your insights Jrwr7 and Alma. I called and talked to Victor Goldstien today.He answered all my questions . He also said if I decide to order a unit there would be a wait. Not sure how long? Hope to here more good things about this player since I wont be able to audition first I need to mull this over more. Thank you all
How does this player or the AA Capitole mk2 compare to the Mark Levinson 390s or the Wadia 861???
Hey Dbk,

As I mentioned in my post above, the AA Cap II is widely considered the best one box CD player on the market. I have not had the privilege of listening to either the Mark Levinson or Wadia players. Out of the players I have listened to, I would consider the Lector as good as any but not on the level of the AA.........John