Anyone own Nordost TYR or ODIN?

I have a set of Nordost Blue Heaven and a set of Heimdall IC's that I'm selling on the bay and thinking of replacing them with either the TYR or maybe Odins.. both are 1M and sound about the same to me, so I'm wondering if the TYR would be enough of a move. All my power cords are Blue Heaven running from a dedicated line to a QB4 distribution box. Thanks in advance.
Wow that's a huge jump from the Blue Haven. When referring to the Tyr are you looking at the original or Series2. The series2 are very different and according to my local dealer the series2 is more 'Odin' sounding. Me I have never listened to the Odin because of cost.

That being I recently upgraded from the original Frey IC to the Tyr2. Definitely a more 'weightier' sound. More liquid sounding. It was a very significant upgrade for me in sound quality. I still have the original Frey SC. Very good combo.
Thanks for the response. The BH did sound pretty similar to the Heimdall and I'm satisfied with them but mainly wanted some facts regarding the TYR's, because the Odin's are pretty pricey. Happy listening.
You might want to consider the Valhalla cables, as they are between the Tyr and the Odin in the Nordost line.

I find the Valhalla's to be extremely neutral and VERY quick. Some people find them to be a bit lean sounding, especially in the upper mid-bass/lower mid-range. But I don't think this is true, at least not in my system. I just think that there is no mid-range bloom at all, so people think that they are lean. (Kind of like some people, who are used to tubes in their system, think that most (all?) solid state equipment is lean sounding, since there is no tube bloom in the mid-range.)

My two cents worth.
I have auditioned the TYR 2, Valhalla and Odin IC's in my system. Each step up provided enhancements that were quite apparent. Within the context of my system the Odin IC's were the best by far. Frankly, I was shocked by how much better the Odin IC's were compared to Valhalla. One of the most memorable auditions ever. Given the price difference, the TYR 2 was the better value, but money aside the Odin was the clear winner.
I also auditioned the TYR 2 and Odin speaker wire. I actually didn't notice that much of a difference between these two, making the TYR 2 a great value.
I would strongly recommend a home audition to see what combo would work best for you. As a side note, it is very likely Nordost will be coming out with "Valhalla 2" before the end of the year.
Good luck!
I just replaced a Frey IC with a Tyr and the difference is pretty amazing. One of my reference CD’s is Chris Rice’s “What a Heart Is Beating For”. On the first cut (So Much for My Sad Song), a rhythm guitar comes in and out of the right channel. With the Frey as well as several other IC’s… it’s almost hard to hear… with the Tyr… it’s loud.
@ kurt_tank, Hi,I was currious to what solid state amp you have or heard,you said,solid state is lean sounding,since there is no tube bloom in the mid-range,mmmm,All I can say is I have awsome tube and solid state,my solid state amp has excellent mid-range bloom,Its a Krell 700cx!,kinda old I guess,however,it is a awsome amp with the right cables,say,like Taralabs zero gold i/c,omega gold speaker cable,cabolt a/c power cable that I do have!,,I like nordost,not for this system!,to me,this system sounds as real as it gets!
Hi polk432, I would go with the valhalla cables over the tyr2, but be careful not to run all nordost thru-out your system,the out come is a diminishing return in sound quality,you might experiment doing so and realize were you need to put what cable were,the nordost are great sounding cables if you know how to use them where they need to go!Happy Listening!
Thanks for all the repilies. If I get the Heimdalls and BH sets sold I'll try to find a way to give a listen first due to the costs. I'm one of those if it costs 4 times more, it better be 4 times better not 2 or 3. Thanks to all again.
What is more important; tell about your system and speakers.
The system consists if a Cary CAD 120,s tube amp, Cary SLP98P tube preamp, Magnum Dynalab MD 90T tube tuner, Somaudio Moon Equinox SE CD player, a pair of M&K KX powered subs, Lipinski L707 monitors,Linn Sondek LP12 TT with a Black Ittock LVII w a MM Adikt cart. Nordost BH LS Power cords, Nordost BH REV II Bi wires, Nordost QB4 distribution box to a dedicated line, in a 15x12x8 room.I currently have the Heimdalls connected to the CD player and the BH to the tuner.
I see you like tubes. I guess you can make a deep and wide stage. The stuff you use it not know in europe. I did test the Brahma powercables. The difference between the Valhalla and the Brahma is big. The Brahma you could use for a source maybe preamp, but for poweramp there are many better option's. The Brahma missing drive in the lowest freq. That is not the only problem. You will loose also difinition in these low freq. The sounds difference compared to Valhalla is big. Valhalla had more authority and sound more real. I have done many tests with not only Nordost also other brands. Most people focus on one brand. In the past I always got a loudspeakercable, interconnects and powercables of the same brand to test. You test these cables. I always tried to use different cables like a interconnect or powercable. To be honest I always got better results wenn you use more different brands. I can tell you why. All brands have there properties. By using different brands you can add more different properties. This makes you influence the overwhole sound more. I do not say it will be better always. It still depends about using the right brands and properties. Wenn you go up in the Nordost tree you become more authority, more drive, more air, better focus and a more realistic sound. But.....yes there is a big but! You find the same properties all the time. Wenn you had the possibility like me to test many stuff for a long period of time. Sound becomes more easy to understand. You hear the differences more easy and you know all the special parts you heard. You collect all the nice things you hear. Because I am a perfectionist I WANT EVERYTHING!! You know the great things of brands but also there limitation's. Perfect does not exist. By using more different properties you can get to a higher level. Wenn I would only have Nordost in my system I always will miss essential parts in my system. I have done so many tests that I am 100% sure about this. I did not do most of these tests alone. Depth is one of the most stunning parts in Highend audio. It makes me walk around the recording during listening. By only disconnecting Nordost interconnects and using other brands I was very easy to make the stage deeper and wider. All the people at these tests did hear the same. There is one very important part what is missing as well. I call this individual focus. A voice and instrument needs be small in
dimension and easily to point out were it is during listening. By changing from Nordost interconnect to other brands it was easy to get a better individual focus. Many clients complaint about losing invlovement in the overwhole sound by using Nordost. This is why the change there cables to get a more pleasant sound. Nordost first talks about synergy. Synergy my ass. You hear the sound of your electronics. The same stuppid story as the synergy bullshit story. To get an extreme wide and deep stage with a individual focus sharp as a knife with lots of black and a sound to die for. You will not get with one brand. You need more brands and properties to get this. This is what audio makes it as it best. It is like making art with the best properties to get the ultimate sound. It is like a puzzle, but mann I love this. This is why I do this for making a living!
@ polk432, Disregared what Bo1972 just said,I am glad you revealed what your system consist of,from what I see, your system is defiantly up to par to hear an improvement when you decide to up-grade your cables,this is a compliment,if you had a hi-fi system I would say do not wast your time or money on buying costly cables,the return would be poor,in your case,go for it!happy listening!
You always need to know the properties of your electronics to give a good advice in cables. Nordost is not a brand what will work with all different brands. I had a client with Krell and Sonus Faber Amati. Valhalla did not work with Krell and Amati.
Wenn it costs 4 times as much it never will be 4 times better. For better you have to pay a lot wenn you get to a higher level in audio. I think this is with most of toys for boys!
Audiolabyrinth..thanks for the compliments. I bought a pARTicular semi suspension rack to help also. To be very honest Linn IC's also worked very nicely in this system. Actually as well as the Nordost IC's, and I may go back to them and save a bundle of cash. I have BH Rev II bi wires, and they sound the same as Morrow Audio 4 Bi wires, and Kimber 4,8, and 12TC single wires. Go figure. I'd hate to buy Valhalla or Odin IC's and not hear a huge difference. I have no complaints on how my system sounds now and I may be a better move to tune the room. Thanks again to all for your knowledge.
I have a pair of Tyr Balanced IC's and the Tyr Speaker cable. The IC's connect my Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC to Octave V70SE Integrated Tube amp. The speakers are Dynaudio Confidence C1. I also have the Brahma power cord connected to the Octave amp. I really enjoy all the cables - it was a very nice upgrade over my old Acoustic Zen Satori SC's and Audience PowerChord. Noticeable increase in clarity, details - I'd call it an additional level of refinement. Did not make my system sound harsh or bright at all, though. My source is not bright at all though. I think if you have a bright or harsh source, the Nordost cables will let the truth pass through, so keep that in mind. I also recently bought the Blue Heaven USB cable in 2M and am also enjoying that. Don't really have a baseline to compare it against, so I can't offer any comparisons.
@ polk432,as I said, you will hear a difference,I really like the Taralabs cables better than the nordost to be honest with you,the nordost are awsome!,If the nordost sound is for you,and you can afford it,do it!The Tara 0.8 will work wonders in your particular system,it is in the same price point as the vahallas,be careful not to buy the older 0.8 cables,get the ex version of the 0.8 taras,they are the current version 0.8 taras and sound better than the older models,the vahallas will make an improvement as well that I believe you will not regret!cheers!
Polk432 - How do you like the pARTicular Novus semi suspension rack? Any problems with the TT on it. I have the full suspension version. Love the looks too and I only get compliments when people see it for the first time.
@ Rhmmmm,sweet system!
Xti16, I like the rack and have no problem with the TT. I just don't care for the shelves moving when plugging and unplugging IC's. Just have to remember to be careful.
Rhmmmm - Nice amp and speaker combo. I too have the V70SE w/black box and Dyn C1 Sig's (upgraded from the originals). Are you using the stock tubes or have you done some tube rolling? Did yours come with the EL34's - 6550's or KT88's? I've done a bit of tube rolling and it can make for some nice changes. The V70SE has a plate voltage of 540V so if you do swap out some tube be careful because some tubes even though have a max recommended plate voltage of 600V are really designed for a more common plate voltage of 450V.

Polk432 Yeah I forgot about how the shelves can slide around. They also had but discontinued some plain rubber feet. They don't slide at all - But the problem with those they don't support very much weight at all.

Anyhow back to cables - I found as your system gets better the cables will make more of a difference. If twice as expensive will be twice as good it won't happen. But I will say the Tyr2 was a great upgrade from the original Frey IC. It's very different from the original. Much better bass and more liquid sounding IMO.
Thanks guys. XTI, I bought my Octave used and it was originally shipped with the SED 6550s, which I have. It also came with the Gold Lion KT-88's. My findings between rolling the two are stereotypical of those on the broader internet, i.e. The Gold Lions are warmer.

Anyhow, i love the Tyrs. The cables brought an extra level of refinement over what i was using previously and I for see getting a good deal of mileage out of the set before I upgrade again. I am upgrading the DAC currently!
@ Rhmmmm,Kudos!,The Trys work for you,alot of people go thru hell before they say what you did looking for a cable that works in their particular system,I am not one of them,I can make the same,I am happy with what I have as well!happy listening!
Yesterday compared a speaker cable Kubala Sosna Emotion Vs Nordost Tyr, both cables 2 mt in lenght. The Tyr sound much better in alla regards. The rest of System was cabled by Kubala Sosna Emotion xlr, Purist Audio Aqueos xlr and all power cords Shunyata Anaconda.
A Hr1,try doing that comparison with the tyr and the Taralabs the one and tell me what you think?
I recently placed Tyr ic and phono cable into my system and IMO, they are superb cables. Easily beating out my Highwire cabling that was no slouch. Resolution of fine detail and speed are the highlights of this cable.
I have been running tyr in my system and have just about completed the change to all Valhalla. The difference in sound quality to Odin is significant and would not be justified unless you were running the very best of gear (even then?). The norse line is also now v2 which is suppose to be a significant upgrade from the previous version and has put Nordost in a bit of a bind relative to an upgrade of Valhalla to v2. You could also try to obtain some brahma power cords which would be a good upgrade
I sold my Valhalla after 12 years of use a few weeks ago. This weekend I tested a Audioquest Redwood. I just orderd it today. The biggest difference is that it is more compleet. It has more different talents what makes it all a lot better compared to Valhalla. I sold a lot of Valhalla and did many many tests with bit. The Redwood has more drive in the low freq. But it is a lot faster. I never heard a bassdrum this quick and short. It did remind me in how it sounds in real. Focus is superior to Valhalla. In depth and in wide it is better because this is the weakest point of Nordost in general. Al my tests had this outcome. Sound of instruments are more textured and more musical. I think Valhalla needs an update after 12 years. it is still a good cable, but these days there are better ones. Time goes on, so does technique.
Hi bo1972,thought you fell off the face of the planet there for a while!good to see your post!
No, I am very busy for a audioshow. I will do a lot of presentation work. Audyssey Pro demo and a lot mote. Did you read my Test of the Purist Audio LE Powercable?
In about 3-4 weeks I will write a review of the Audioquest Redwood. It really blowed away everything. It is more complete than Valhalla, but it add's a few stunning talents Valhalla does not own. I will use these cables for my presentations. I also will use the Purist Audio LE powercables.